Rank Reset and matchup shenanigans

So far today, 19 games in a roll. The matchup is like this:

Me: Diamond 1(Commander lvl 14) Average of level 13-17 units. (only my typhoon is lvl 17, rest are 13,14,15s)
My team mate: Silver 5-6, Gold 1-5, Commander lvl 11-12 (average level 11-13 units)
HOD (Full lvl 16-17)
HOD (Full lvl 16-17)

2nd game
Royal Guard (Challenger)
Royal Guard (Diamond 6)

Oh and this went on for 19 games straight back and forth.

Is this intended or is this game just dead and only flourished with P2W players on top 3 alliance? I don’t think that’s fully the issue. If they match me up with a low rank player against high ranking players, then that’s definitely something wrong there right? Oh and remind you, not only happened one or two games, it went on for 15+ games straight. I have screenshot of the lined up replays, but I’m sure I’m not the only one with this same incident.


I think I played you a few of those. Not sure if it’s just because of the reset or that’s the standard formula. But I could have been thinking of someone else.

Definitely agree there is a problem with bad matches after the monthly ranked reset. Our data shows that the problem goes back to normal rates in about ~5 days after the reset. We have ideas in how to improve this, which we hope to implement when we get time.

Have you guys every thought of just matching people with same level troops instead of doing it based of rank? It seems like such an easy fix if you just match people with similar card and hero levels. It could also use a factor of both ladder rank and levels to find best match. Matching via levels seems like the only true way to make it even where SKILL is actually the deciding factor not just higher level player auto wins as it is now.
If this is not a feasible option please elaborate on why.

hi @𝕂𝕖𝕖𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕣. It’s something we’ve talked about. It’s a big change with a lot of corner cases to think about. e.g., some players literally can’t win unless they’re fighting someone who is 1-2 card levels below them. Do they just get a 0% winrate? what happens for them?

Yes, thats what we call a learning experience. They wont lose forever they will just lose till they learn. Also how many players does that account for 5%? So your saying screw the rest of the 95% of players because a small section can’t win without an advantage, honestly thats no way to build a game.
Also what you guys could do is factor in both levels and players rank PLUS win loss streaks (if some players lose +3 games in a row match them vs players with 1-3 level lower cards, if they continue to lose then you can increase the level difference)
I agree with you its not an easy fix but the system you guys have now is worse then just matching people via player level alone. It makes people upset to constantly play vs +3-5 level higher players and lose then if you have a good game vs players the same level and lose.

To me if ranked was just about playing players your own lvl or say +- 1-2 lvls you’d have people that just started the game getting crazy high in ranked, that had a really good understanding of setting up decks. I see advancing threw ranked as a slow grind you gotta do or buy to be at the top.

I do hate it when I go against someone in high gold or low diamond with lvl 15 plus cards but at the end of the day I feel accomplished making it to diamond with a 10k power deck last month and now I’m focusing on lvling only those cards to get a solid position in diamond. For this next months reset.

Love the idea! But I don’t believe there are simply enough players in the player base at our level just quite yet… hopefully there will be more but with lots of high people leaving they are not gonna tell Any1 about the game. And if they do it’s going to be bad things

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Like the devs care if max lvl players leave… they already got there cash what do they need them for anymore :roll_eyes:

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