Rank and matchmaking

Can anyone explain why I lose more rank then what I gain when I win? I mean seriously I can play this game for an hour lose twice and end up in the same place I started after wining about 4-5anx we definitely need to fix this matchmaking wtf

It’s basically based on the ELO system. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system

The amount of medals added/subtracted is based on how easy or hard the battle is for you, as judged by how far apart your medals are from the other person. If you lose to someone who has similar or lower medals than you, your medals will go down a lot. If you win against someone who has similar or fewer medals, then you won’t gain much.

Conversely, defeating people with drastically more medals than you will make your rank go up quickly. And losing to people who have way more medals than you shouldn’t make you lose much rank (because it’s sorta what the system thought was likely to happen so there’s not much adjustment needed.)

Where can I see my medal count? I see it for our entire alliance but I don’t see mine… point me In the right direction please?

Your rank (e.g., Diamond III) depends on how many medals you have. We only show exactly how many medals a player has to those ranked Challenger and above.

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