Randomization of Draws


Looking at the impact that draws have on a battles outcome the lack of it and randomized nature make it far too prevalent. I’m not sure of the current draw mechanics fully but being able to set a specific order or at least brackets and subsets of what is available would make things a lot more strategic I think.

Any way to efficienctly and the effectively reduce just the randomized order of things?

I understand your motivation behind this request. As a matter of fact, several years back we had fixed systems and we made the change to a randomized deck system instead. While your desire to have your deck perform more consistently is perfectly understandable, it actually caused a series of problems that made the game very unfun:

-The game was way too repetitive, as you executed the exact same strategy over and over, and there weren’t enough factors changing the “optimal build order”. The reason you would change what you’re doing was also quite obtuse (eg if you believe you get a signal of what is in the players deck based on what you’ve seen so far) and only understood by absolute best players (fraction of a percent).

-If you can control the draw order or what’s available to you, the exact same is true for the opponent. This leads to a world where every match is just a back and forth of “perfect counters” or “nut draws”. For example it’s very frustrating to play against an Avasa that always start with 2x TEDDY and 2x Research Labs, and Avasa, or a Kuro that always has all the Arcane Blasts.

-If both players have equal unit levels there might still be a heavy advantage to one side over the other based on the deck archetypes. For example a very aggressive rush deck might have a big advantage over a slow control deck. In a completely deterministic world the rush deck would win 100% of the time, which is not fun for anyone- “healthy” win rates lie somewhere in the 40-60% range.

-This made the game require extremely high skill as the matches are more or completely deterministic (depending on the implementation), and any gambles are a complete waste as you instead should memorize what the opponent has available at what point in time.

-Speaking of gambles- most of the fun moments of our game are created from uncertainty. There are many different ways that a game can create uncertainty (like not knowing where your opponents are in FPS’s or RTS’s). Uncertainty is what make gambles sometimes pay off, and sometimes be punished, and it’s what creates most of the swings back and forth on the battlefield.

We’ve tuned the amount of randomness over the years to create the right amount of uncertainty, diversity between games, comebacks, and win rates. When you compare it to other card games I believe that we’ve found a very healthy spot for us and I’m very happy with where we are in this particular aspect.

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There’s also something to be said about when you experience the perception of getting an “unlucky” draw versus a “lucky draw”. You may remember the “unlucky” draws more, but how often can you tell that it was the opponent who received the "unlucky " draw? That usually takes going back and watching the replay to see if they had the right options to even deal with your opener. Even with set draw order, the randomness is still there unless you’re fighting the exact same player each time and end up playing rock-paper-scissors, which I think is a much less-fun game.

I get that sentiment and I think there is middle ground. Maybe a set order wouldn’t be good but bracket it differently? Like you cant get x amount of tier 2 cards until conditions are met. I get not wanting things to be too repetitive, but having the conditions be too broad makes it incredibly frustrating as well.

From your other game, too much RNG clearly is a pressure point, and that’s been around for like 4 years.

Perhaps somewhere between none and all. Lucky draws can be good. But it still decreases some of the strategy.

A limit to the amount of a specific card you can draw in the first rounds of cards would be a nice compromise imo, doesn’t feel great losing simply because you drew 3 energy caches right off the bat on Roxie and simply don’t have the units to counter even a poorly played deck.

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