Random cards?

Random cards why? If you use Roxy you should get your generator cards right off the bat , if you use Val you should get your minions boxes right off the bat. Also you should get your cards as you set them up. This I believe would make the game more based on skill rather than luck . Just a thought.


Makes sense. I like that idea. Sometimes the cards don’t come out so good and there’s nothing you can do to protect yourself. It would be nice to have SOMETHING for sure to help you.

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We used to have a version of the game without randomness and it was incredibly bad. When you always deterministically are allowed to control the build order, so does your opponent. Every single battle turns into the same thing because Roxie player does the same build order, Val opponent sees exactly what Roxie is doing and immediately builds the exact right counter, etc

Games which allow this (eg Starcraft or other rts games) have other ways to make it less deterministic — Eg they have lots of micro control of each unit on big maps with “fog of war” so opponents can’t immediately watch each other and devolve into the same game every time.

This idea sounds good until you try it and play it for a while… it gets boring quick :laughing:


What about if it’s only the three cards each commander comes with and the rest are random…?

Would you really want to play a game where the opponent Avasa can always build 2x research labs immediately and reliably get to tech-3 and fill the rest of her deck with all tech 3 card since she knows she never needs to worry about tech 1 or 2 since she can reliably skip it?

Or play against a roxie who always gets powerplants in the opening hand, so she’ll always tech up to tech 2 as her first move every single game and never needs any tech 1 cards

Giga starting with 3x Nano shields in starting hand means he has nothing to shield it with


Mm ok well since I have not played any other games such as this, I don’t have the experience. If that is the case then that would not be good. But possibly the cards that are associated with the commander would be make it a bit better

Well you make a lot of sense. I guess it works out in the long run the way the system is now.

Now that you explain it that way, I can see what you are saying. Thanks.

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