Rally Point lifespan?


Do Rally Points ever disappear after they are placed? I noticed in a match I played recently that my opponent’s Rally Points never went away.


Hi @ShinyTseul

My belief is that RallyPoints stay until the end of the battle.


Rally points do not expire, and have the interesting trait of changing the battlefield (like how a Plasma Cannon or Dugout would). What are your thoughts about playing against Rally Points @ShinyTseul?


It seems that it could be a huge game changer if someone places one (or three like the person I went against) at the very start of the match. To me, it would make more sense if they were destroyable in some way.

That being said, I almost never see them, so it’s not really a problem that I think would need to be fixed. I was mainly just curious about their mechanics.

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If someone’s playing three Rally Points in their deck, they’re likely going to run out of steam more quickly than someone with actual units that can push a base. Power to them if they can find a way to make it work :nash_cool:


Makes sense. I ended up winning the match by pushing the other lane, but the match made me realize the card can be very effective if used right.

Also, do the bonuses stack?


Rally Points won’t stack their buffs with each other, but Rally Point & Nash’s damage aura do stack.

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