Rail dog “stuck” in event

Twice now my raildog has been stuck between attacking the base of enemies behind it. It just twitched back and forth and I stead attacks nobody. See my match today at 6:13:57. These matches are so close that when a shot or two from me dog would have won me the match. Anyone else experiencing this?

We’ll look into it. Thanks for the time, I found the match you lost against Ming at this time and we’ll use to help fix this. (ref 61073)

Thank you so much!

Kind of late but looking at the description you’ve described of “twitching back and forth”. I had this happened before but only on a Grrilla during an old event.

Please skip to 2:25 and the incident ends at 2:50 of the video

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Yeah same thing. You might not have won that match without that. :man_shrugging:t2:

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