Quitters not losing points


I know this has been brought up before, but it is really starting to effect rankings unfairly. There are some players who only fight weaker opponents and quit vs anyone they may lose to by force closing app. Even though it says they will receive a loss, they do not.

At first glance this may not seem like top priority, but it is. It effects overall player rankings which effect alliance rankings, which effect recruiting, overall morale of players and much more.

Please consider moving this up the priority list as it is a key part of having fair play in a PVP game.

An easy fix for this is forcing game to start even after the other player “looses connection”. Since they should be losing points anyway the opponent should be the one getting those.

Thanks team


yup agreed, and fix the mismatching thing lol


I had the same player quit six battles in a row against me. He outranks me. He’s top 100. His alliance outranks mine. It isn’t a mismatch issue. It’s certain people trying to keep their rank because right now that works. I know people who get unfairly paired against us on occasion who haven’t ever quit once.


You learn best from playing stronger opponents. And there are some players with all lvl 17s, so the power struggle swing both ways, even for top 20 players vs 1-3


Hello everyone.

We are aware of the issue and acknowledge that it is a real problem.

Currently, we are able detect it when accounts do it, but not “in the moment”. In other words, our system currently doesn’t always detect it immediately when a player uses this exploit. That said, we are able to run a query which shows us a log of every account that did it in the last 24 hours along with a timestamp of exactly when they did it and to whom.

We have planned out a change to our battle architecture to put in an “ironclad” fix to this problem. This change to our low level networking architecture would make it such that we could detect the exploit realtime and deny it. Since the change is so low level, it needs to be done very carefully by some of our most seasoned engineers. Such an architecture change would take us a pretty long time to implement and test. For sure it won’t happen tomorrow (or even in the next version.)

In the meantime, I want to make it clear that we are able to detect which accounts are using this exploit. I strongly suggest that you do not try to use exploit. When someone intentionally uses these exploits in a systematic way, it ruins the game for everyone else. We are discussing what the proper steps to take for accounts who are exploiting the system. While we haven’t yet determined what to do, I’ve seen other games ban accounts or reset accounts for players who do things like this.

It makes me very sad to see players exploiting the system in this way. I would definitely prefer that our network&architecture engineers could spend their time improving matchmaking, android implementation and network performance instead of spending their time on things like this.


Thank you! This is welcome news!


Agreed, I think for now an in game message, and if you have to temporary suspensions could ward off exploiters. I also would much rather devs spend time on new features than this. Appreciate you taking the time to address this.



In the event that just finished, I was consistently on 2-4 tickets, unable to use them due to nearly every opponent dodging the fight in this way.
I don’t know if others just want to keep my medals down (because I do admit, I tend to brag and boast a lot) but it’s all in good fun. Sorry if in the past this behaviour has upset anyone, it was done in a manner to try bring out the competitive nature in others, not to draw hatred.

I just want a fair go in events, able to actually use tickets. It’s not like I have such powerful units that it’s almost certain a victory.

I noticed that it’s usually players who have lost previously that then won’t even try another battle.
Gets annoying when in 30 mins to 45 mins can only end up using a single ticket. Really ruins the event.


@LIFE1 agree this is a major problem. It’s being especially exploited during events.

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