Quitters in comp should lose their tickets and any medals!


This guy has quit on me 7 times during the event. Not only is it cowardly it’s down right annoying.

Please address this issue as it’s not fair or sporting!!! @WildBeyondTeam


Thanks for bringing this up @Dredd. Totally agree this is a problem. It’s on our list of things to fix.

Aoenix and slissek also do the same after they’ve lost.

Funny. New event is named Counter Attack…yet latest update with nerfs and Overtime now render Counter Attacking impossible against rush decks.:rofl:

Personally I think a little bit of a fool, why would anyone waste the time on a battle they know they are going to lose? The guy you are referring to is an entire league and aleast 2 ranks below you and you expect him to continue with the battle? Hey I understand you’ve spent hundreds of dollars and you want to get your moneys worth, but until the devs fix the matchmaking u get quit on and the rest of us get DESTROYED! Fun for us as well


Hi @Nippoc.

To be clear: We consider hitting the “concede” button fine and good. But we consider “dodging” battles an exploitative behavior (e.g., unplugging your internet, quitting the app in tricky ways). In the future we will make this “impossible” to get away with from a technical standpoint. In the meantime, we suggest you do NOT do this. We are able to detect it when players do this and if we feel that a user is abusing the system, it may result in restricting the account.

Exploiting the system in this way breaks the game for everyone. Please don’t do it!


I believe you should restrict or even ban accounts for using other ways to leave a game then the concede button.

Then you’d better start by fixing your game so that if I accidentally tap a notification, instead of dismissing it with a swipe, in the heat of battle. Or at all. That your stupid game doesn’t count that as a loss. Yes, its stupid, if it doesn’t know the difference on an OS that is designed to be swipped all over and underneath.

You guys give so many losses because you can’t, by your own employee’s admission, focus on a solution for that right now.

I’ve lost 2 event tickets due to this on this event. Couple that with you making us play bots during events and, wow!!! You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Get some morals, huh?

Hi @1HalfBloodBath thanks for contributing to the forums and being part of the community.

Generally, our experience has been that when we try to assume the best for technical problems sadly people abuse it to their own gain. For instance, if we try to give someone a pass because they lost connection to our server, players start turning off their wifi every time they’re losing. Or if we give them a pass if they tap on a notification, then they game the system by texting themselves on WhatsApp whenever they’re losing and tap on it to avoid logging the loss.

There’s probably some system where we can allow these things to happen occasionally and then start counting losses if it happens too frequently. That sounds hard to get right… maybe we can get there someday.

I wouldn’t mind it as much if we got anything for the win when you did it to another person.

But, one flaw that I definitely see with your point of view is that you’re suggesting you have no way to say for sure they’re cheating/abusing… Which is understandable. I just kinda assume that your paying customers MIGHT have a problem being judged as deviants and cheaters, with no actual proof.


Now, that said, I have rage quit before… Well. Because your game cheats a lot. But I always come back and say to the pop up screen “I know. I don’t care.”

And the abandoning of the games before they begin. I never even knew this was a thing until I read about it here. I occassionally saw people bail, but at the time, I was getting disconnected on the reg from your server… And it was YOUR GAME’S PROBLEM. I get less of those kind now, but have seen less purposeful quitting.

However, since this update, That number, that I personally witness, has increased at least 1,000%. Because all of the problems got worse. They seemed to have gotten a little better since yesterday but soooo many people complaining.

Btw, thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it.

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Yeah I totally get it that it’s frustrating to lose when it’s not your fault that you lost connection to our server.

We used to only count it as a loss if we could detect that they flipped the “airplane mode” button to avoid a loss, but then people started literally doing things like turning off cellular and unplugging their wifi routers and things like that as soon as they started losing so our server wouldn’t count them as having lost. When a connection drops like this we actually can’t differentiate between whether something we can control in our data center server messed up or if their train went into a tunnel losing their cellular connection or if they are unplugging their wifi on purpose to cheat. I’ve actually seen it before when our top 10 players were all people who were unplugging their wifi —- it’s hard to empathize but if you have thousands of players some set of people will do this avoid losses and do get the artificially inflated 100% win rate. We can’t have a system which makes these people be at the top of the leaderboard —- it’s even worse for everyone else than the alternative of sometimes getting a loss when it’s really not your fault.

Again, I totally empathize that it’s frustrating when you lose when it’s not your fault. I really wish people wouldn’t try to game the system so we wouldn’t be forced to take this stance.

Admin for Christ sake sort out the bug that crash on event!!! @