Quests that require spending coins

I know this has been brought up before but it’s mostly scattered in various posts or in posts in the bugs section.

With the coin nerf these quests are frustrating and disruptive. I save and save coins for one of my higher upgrades and then get a quest to spend 3000 or 6000 or 15000. Well I’m saving for a 100000 upgrade and I’m at 50. Now I have the choice of using coin I’ve been saving to upgrade something else, and it usually costs more than what the quest wants, or not be able to complete a quest for days. The a good percentage of the time even if I finish the quest, the next quest requires spending coins again. If it were only 1000, I could waste 1600 in the store. But these higher amounts just mess with being able to play the game and upgrade our decks once your cards are higher level.

Before the coin nerf it wasn’t a big deal, the economy wasn’t stagnant, I could just reset my boxes a few times and get the coin back but now 15000 is most of a day even with the 12k first game bonus (less if not champion).

Please seriously consider removing these quests or at least try to explain what you think they add to the current game.


Amen :pray: I’m on the third or fourth quest in a row to spend a few coins, and it takes me days to save up enough to upgrade something (and thus complete the quest), and things that are cheap enough to upgrade after just a few days are low level because I don’t use them often. It’s a terrible quest objective after any reasonable level is attained.

At a minimum, convert it into a “spend gold” objective. At least then I have a chance … and a use for the currency.


Damned just created a similar post… just read latest post afterward… I am behind removing these quests too

You got backed on this. Quests that ask for spending coins is so stupid for players with only high lvl cards but no coins. As long as we have more source of coins it’s okay to keep this quest otherwise please remove it. It’s plain stupid and unfair to ppl with only high lvl cards.

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Our quest system was built to teach new players how to play the game and to encourage them to engage with all the different features / factions in the game.

To be honest, we haven’t put a lot of effort into trying to figure out what this should be for players who have finished learning the game.

The way the quest system distills down to a single quest for veteran players to “grind” as fast as they can to generate coins is not an intended design. If we were to change it, it wouldn’t be to make this easier to do. It’s not a fun activity, it doesn’t drive any behavior which helps the game or the community, and it sets weird expectations about how to play the game. The change would be something more drastic —- eg even in the late game the quest menu always has a full list of quests to choose from (the same as it did earlier in the game.)

“The way the quest system distills down to a single quest for veteran players to “grind” as fast as they can to generate coins is not an intended design. ”
-> please confirm you misstype that… are you really intending to say that you want to limit opportunity for people to collect coins at its minimum?!? Like really? If you are lucky and a challenger, you can get 4800 coins with these quests… please confirm you don t intend to say that you would like player not to have access to these coins normally either.


The amount of coins produced per day/week is independent decision of what activities are in the app used to generate them. We could easily maintain the same economy of how many coins are produced, but shift them to other activities which actually have positive effects on the community or are more fun (doing events, playing together with your guild, mastering different commanders and playstyles, etc).

Thanks for this excellent clarrification/news! It is definitively a great move to reward ressources/units following activities/actions and not following the way you spend ressources. Looking forward to a rapid implementation then of such exited features. Joker question: as you introduce the topic, what is the current gauss distribution of coins per week for a player that S7 is considering acceptable. Feel free to give min and max covering 95% of players. Thanks in advance.

What adds insult to injury is when you finally complete the quest, getting nothing but cards you don’t need and useless gold with no coins at all



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