Quests Stuck Since update

My quests have been stuck since the updates … I have more than achieved my quest but can’t collect it or cash it in. Please fix this bug

That’s kind of vague. What does your quests read, does it show ie. 10/10 for fulfilled tasks? Can you grab a screenshot?

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You haven’t achieved your quest, you need to collect 40000 more from your gold mine.

On the plus side when you finally achieve it a month or two from now you’ll discover you don’t get any more quests because you xp level is 75 and they removed quests for everyone over xp 50 or something :joy:

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@MajorMayham How did you miss that gold mining?? :expressionless:

I will never achieve this quest because it’s broken. please remove


Can you math?

You need to collect 35,000 more. It’s not broken, the Quest takes weeks, if not months, to finish. Mine for gold more often. :woman_shrugging:t2:

If it were broken, you’d still be at 9,896 collected.

Yeah @Negat1ve . Where do they discuss this “quest format going away” craziness? I need to read this craziness. lol…

Finally got past the “collect 60,000 gold” madness after over a month to find almost nothing on the Quest tab. Smdh …

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