Questions for officers of top alliances


  • What’s the name of your alliance? Are you a leader / officer?
  • Do you consider it a problem that many players who are inappropriately low level are applying or joining your Alliance?
  • Would you want a feature which says “You must be a (Diamond League) player to apply to our Alliance”?
  • Is this major problem or would you want us to focus on other things first?

HOD : Harbingers of Death #2 Alliance, I am the Leader. We do get a fair number of silver and lower applying, but I rather you focus on other issues. Biggest problem for me right now is the commander spawning at lower level than should in events. I would focus on fixing bugs like that and new Alliance vs Alliance features

Royal Guard. Just your average everyday member.

While I think this change would be a very nice feature to have, I think there are far more other changes/fixes/bugs that should definitely take priority before this concern is addressed. Unless it’s a “quick fix”, I would definitely recommend keeping your attention focused on more pressing issues.

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  1. Leader of the Royal Guard Boot Camp

2 & 3. I don’t consider it as a problem as we usually get bronze and silvers applying for RGBC. Personally, I leave those that are low level apps alone and see if they grow to meet our requirements. However, I think these issues should be placed at the bottom of the “Things to Do” list as it doesn’t impact on the alliance side of WB much.

  1. I believe it’s best to focus on other hot topic issues like matchmaking, event multiplier, and sandbagging in events. Also, I think you should add “This player was last active about: # of (seconds, minutes, hours, etc.) ago” to your list related to the alliance side of WB instead of subjects from questions: 2 and 3. That way it makes it easier for active alliances to root out inactive players rather than going donation wise or any other method.

It takes a matter of seconds to clear the que, it’s a minor annoyance at most. I agree with everyone else, unless it’s a quick fix, focus on other things.

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