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I’ve been playing quite regularly and have reached early level silver but can’t seem to make it much further as everyone has seraphs which I can’t counter successfully with consistency. How do I obtain seraph and level the playing field?



I got silver by 9, gold by 11. Steps are important unit because it attack heavily, good at kill off single unit. However your opponents usually prepare spells for them. Therefore they are not reliable. Try to put them under protection or behind tanks. Keep them away from anti air units. Lastly, you may need anti-spamming unit. Don’t build them without defense and support with other unit as well.



@BigGib First, check if the Seraphs are marked as “Available” in your upgrade lab. If not, then you’ll need to complete a few more of the “Expand your Army” quests to unlock the ability to find them in your bonus chests. After the Seraphs become “Available”, you’ll be able to find them in your PvP bonus chests. Also, like every other unit in the game, there’s a chance that Seraphs might appear in the “Deals” section of the store where you can buy them for Coins or Alliance Tokens.

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Great advice thanks!


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