Question about Roxie


Every now and then when I’m fighting a Roxie commander it seems like Roxie throws out an AOE blast attack like Kuro has or like a Frag Grenade from Legion. it always seems to come from Roxie and there is never another unit to account for it. Can anyone explain what this is I didn’t think she had an attack like that.


Are you talking about the seeker missiles?


Yes, like Tiffany said its her legendary seeker missiles that you’re seeing.


No this doesn’t seems like seeker misses I’ve seen those they travel across the board this doesn’t seem to have the 3 misses animation. Though I suppose it could be a graphic glitch


Hi @Lyth! Thanks for reporting this issue. To be completely honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen what you’re talking about. If the people in this thread could get a video or more details, it would be very helpful.


Do you mean her commander ability? She always shoots a straight line of massive damage when she enters the field.


It seems like it is probably the seeker misses. They just don’t have the animation I expected from seeing them in boss battles.