Question about gold

So I want to make sure I understand the use of gold right…

I have 77 corrosive rain cards toward the 100 I need to raise it to level 17. The display under upgrade shows the orange up arrow and the button says “Buy Cards” the cost displayed is 92000 gold.

If I hit buy cards do I get 23 cards to bring me up to 100 or just one card. Someone in my alliance thought it was one card at a time which is not how I read it. The cost in gold if I wait for them to show up in the deals is 23000 gold (1000 per card) and it could show up 1, 2, or 4 cards at a time. So I thought 92000 to get it all at once is a hefty mark up but within possibility (4x higher than if I wait). But if it is actually just 1 card that is the biggest mark up ever.

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It gives you however many cards you need to lvl your unit up

I also initially thought it would be 1 card at a time as well, and I’m glad that’s not the case

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Thanks for the reply

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