Quest are disappearing


Sometimes, while I’m in the process of completing a quest the quest disappears… I know I have plenty of time left but when I go in to check my completion the quest is totally gone. A previous example was quite frustrating; I was grinding 25 wins with a specific faction to get a purple chest (one of the big nice ones) and I was to tired to keep grinding so I went in to finish it off with diamonds… The original price to finish it off was 800 diamonds but I reduced it down quite a bit (~380). Anyways when I went in it was gone. I stayed up late for nothing. Please tell me I’m not the only one this has happened to?


Had the same problem. Weekend Quest, going into a Monday morning. had to collect 15 multiplayer rewards, was at 13 and rewards ready in 3 hours, quest expires in 4 1/2 hours. So, no problem. An hour later the quest was gone. If they’d given me a real timer I’d have spent the 22 Diamonds to finish the quest and get the Big Chest.


Thanks for bringing this up!

Agree this is a problem. The team is aware of it and hopes to have a fix in an upcoming app update.

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