Quest and rewards

We currently no quests? And how the quest rewards work? Thank you

We’re having a look at your game - there should be some quests there.

Do i need to sent email via contact us?

That would be helpful so we can access your game m ore easily (harder to look up since your name has special characters :slight_smile:).

Mine is the same way. no quests.

I don’t have any either. This isn’t player specific.

Looks like some players have daily/weekly quests and some do not - we will compensate players for missing quest rewards once we resolve the issue. (ref 63605)

Hello , i got the quest already but I already did daily alliance challenge but it wont count on daily quest. How can i complete it?

Glad the quests showed up - You only need to do enough quests to get 100 points to max out the daily rewards, so even without that quest you should be able to get to 100 points and get the full daily reward.

More question about the quest pass. So i already bough the quest pass and after it reset in about 33 days. Do i need to buy it again? Or something like lifetime unlock

I think it’s a bug because I have all quest for daily and weekly.

It lasts for 35 total days (33 more for you sounds like) and would have to be repurchased; if you complete the pass, it provides about 18x more value than purchasing just the regular $100 non-value pack diamonds would, so its a better deal than even most other value packs as long as you complete most of your quests.

You don’t have to complete all quests every single time to finish the pass - I think if you complete your weekly quests 4 out of 5 times and do the daily quests each day you’ll get 11000 quest pass points, and you only need 8000 to finish the pass.

One big issue is there are several quests in there that are not reasonable. For example a daily quest to upgrade a card might be ok early on but not at high level where we are lucky to upgrade once a week. A weekly quest to upgrade a mine also not good at high level where we already upgraded most of the way. And there is no way we can finish a weekly quest to upgrade 20 cards. There is a reason those type of quests were removed previously after many complaints from players about being stuck. Also any daily/weekly quest that could potentially not be accomplished due to having finished everything already like those need to go.

The daily quest to open a chest is still there but there no longer seems to be a guaranteed way to get a chest every day. Can you please tell us where the sources of recruit chest tokens are?

You get can get a recruit token for getting 100 points each day in the daily quest (tap on the ‘checkmarks’ as the bar fills up to claim the prizes). Also, there should be a good number of extra possible points each day/week even if you cannot complete every quest, so even if you aren’t able to finish a particular quest, you should still be able to get to 100 points daily and weekly. We will look into alternate quests though for certain quests that might become too hard as you reach a higher level.

Also I upgraded my Giga and that didn’t give me a completion for the upgrade a card quest.

How can u get points if you have no quest I haven’t had a quest and two days I sent y’all a ticket about this and it was never answered I payed for the quest but seem it’s not working can I get those days back where y’all system never reset quest?

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