Proposed change to Alliance Challenges

We’re considering changing Alliance Challenges pretty drastically.

What do you think of the following change? Which currency would you want these “Alliance Quests” to award you?

  • Pay out Gold “Alliance Tokens” [current]
  • Pay out Purple “Time Warp Seasons Tokens” [proposed]

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As long as it’s more than what’s found in the gauntlet, I think volume is what I’d base my vote on

Season tokens all the way, especially if players with shallower pockets want any hope of utilizing the new season tree without feeling wasteful. if you have any question on what rewards should be it’s season tokens, your top players have little to no use for anything else, and little to no incentive to play beyond getting coins (for fewer and fewer) and new units.

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Fairly confident most players would prefer season tokens from challenges. This would allow free players an easier way of collecting seasonal rewards, and is much more useful to top players compared to alliance tokens.

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100% plus it would be give players incentive to be more active in general.

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