Promoting and demoting Officers

I’m having an issue with promoting and demoting alliance members…When I select a member, a bubble shows up and pushes the options to the far left; therefore I cannot select any option…

Hi @Wentzel. Thanks for telling us about this bug. I haven’t heard of this one before. May I ask which device you’re using? Would you happen to have a screenshot? Thanks!

I’m using an iPad Pro…every time I try and upload a pic , it just attaches a link… basically the 3 options you see is now a clear bubble…

@Wentzel could you please try sending us the image through our in-game zendesk support ticketing system and ask them to send it to me? I’m not sure what you’re seeing and it would be very helpful to figure out what we need to fix. Thanks.

I have actually seen this bug. It occurs at 10 officers. My guess is that there is a 10 officer limit but something with the different options when at capacity has a display bug.

Here are some screen shots, as you can see, it doesn’t not impact people who are already officer.

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Awesome screenshots thank you for the details.

Of course, my best guess is it’s supposed to just not have the promote button once at ten officers but the display glitches and moves the remaining two buttons out of sight (nearly, kick I can obviously still see and press and I can still view profiles too it’s just difficult to press the right spot with my fat thumbs).

I should mention that if I demote an officer, the bug is fixed until I am back at having 10 officers again, which is why I believe it is a malfunctioning, but intended, built-in feature.

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