Problem with event prizes

There is probably some bugs with event prize calculation. I won 12,5k of season tokens but only 6k was transferred to my account

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Does anyone know how the multiplier is supposed to work? Mine was at 2.2X reward but only received the reward posted. Ex. 11,000 season tokens times 2.2 reward multiplier shouldn’t I receive 24,200 season tokens or am I mistaken what this multiplier is supposed to impact??? Can someone please clarify?

I guess multiplier is already applied when you see posted reward(base 5k * 2,2 is 11k). In my case multiplier is 2,5 and prize is 12,5k but I got much less than posted.

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Didn’t want to post another topic related to this, but the event prizes are lower than before.




I think its just a bug or improper implementation of the multiplier feature. It showed the rewards with the multiplier on rank screens, but they were not paid out in reward screen, it just paid the base amount

Yeah thats kind of crappy, they are now probably more aligned with max multiplier, so for those with weaker event decks they will earn less from events, which means less to upgrade those weaker event decks… idk who makes these decisions, but I’m not seeing a good future for this game going down these routes… we need more not less…

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We are investigating a problem where some players may have received an incorrect rank reward at event end.

Seeing the images now I would have to agree. That’s a rather significant decrease. I think the better move here would be to adjust the rewards to be closer to the same as before for lower brackets, but then just increase the rewards for each higher bracket.

This way everyone is still earning great rewards, but players competing in higher brackets now have the opportunity to earn more because of the more challenging bracket they have to compete in.

This would resolve the issue of players fighting in more challenging brackets feeling outdone by someone who can place well in an easier bracket, but at the same time it would not significantly diminish event rewards for those who play in lower brackets.


The same here, i win 2,8 k token but only receive 1,3k token :cry:

We’ve identified the cause of the prize distribution issue that affects some players, and are now working on how to properly credit back the difference.


If its all players effected just trigger event distribution again, reset it to moments before it ends

It’s not. It’s only a specific set of players and we’re running a script to credit the difference for those players.

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Copy, thanks for the update

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