Problem with Avasa

It seems like her tech specialty is a bit underwhelming inside events (somewhat regular 1v1 as well) compared to the other commanders. If you don’t draw one of her specialty cards in the beginning of a match, they’re pretty much useless except for quick walls to lay do to cover sniper fire. I like Avasa and I actually main her but with factories currently being so strong, and the event legendaries making every team fairly fast, Avasa begins to lessen in relevance and it sucks to see such an amazing looking commander fall off. I have a few ideas how she could be changed but I’m more interested in seeing if anyone agrees or disagrees and what they would suggest or from the devs perspective themselves.

Hi @Trey7.

Personally I think of Avasa as a “high risk, high reward” commander. If you design your deck around her commander ability and manage to get a good draw of her Research Labs at the right point of the game, you’ll probably be way ahead of your opponent and dropping super powerful top tech units that your opponent can’t stop. If you get a bad draw, you’re in a pretty bad position. For sure it can be frustrating when you happen to get a bad draw, but that’s kinda the point. Overall, on average, you’ll get a decent win rate with her when you average over the good/bad draws, but each game individually feels very lucky / unlucky. She’s not a “early game Rush” commander like nash, but more like a mid-game commander like Roxie. To defeat an early rush strategy, you need to include enough low tech cards to play defensively enough and get a good draw to tech up and dump your super powerful cards.

If her Research Labs were more valuable, she would be “too good” — super insanely powerful when you get a good card draw, and still very powerful when you get a bad draw. Avasa already enjoys a very good winrate, so I think it’s probably inappropriate to make her even better right now.

I agree with this highly inside regular play, but the events right now are definitely being dominated by Val. It’s a strange pergatory type place where she lands where in regular play she’s okay, but with the current event structure she’s pretty worthless. I main her in regular play but use every other commander inside events and am 10k away from buying Val myself honestly.

Hi @Trey7

To be honest, I haven’t personally thought very hard about commander choices in events.

Similar to how events shuffle which cards are available to play (which are often very different from what you would normally use in your factional ranked decks), they also shuffle which commanders are useful. I don’t think there’s any gaurantee that all/any commander should be “good” during events.

There’s probably some argument that we should only allow certain commanders to be used during events to be more consistent with the cards…

Definitely not if you’re considering only making the new commanders the only viable ones. That’d completely ruin events and I fail how excluding certain people who tend to only focus on one and then the few event cards they tend to use. The reason Commanders should be equal is because of how you decided to build their level structure forcing a player to invest time into that faction. That means one third of the tournaments are for any given person and out of two months, that’s a little more than two weeks worth of rewards. What is two weeks of rewards going to get someone with how expensive everything already is? And this is from someone who has all three legendary event cards

I use Avasa in all events mainly because she is the only one I can afford to upgrade, and I need my high level barriers to be competitive.

She can be amazing if you get two factories early, and a few high tier cards right after. She struggles against rush and swarm units most of the time though

I actually switched main factions, I use ascension now and have been destroying with it in and especially out of events with warp lol