Prize multiplier not functioning?

Is the prize multiplier broken? Did it ever work? I won an event and got 11k coins even with a 2.2x multiplier. Now I’m not sure if the prize multiplier has ever worked and maybe that’s why all these prize multiplier events have seemed so stingy.

Base amount is 5k so 2.2 multiplier indeed is 11k.

I think your confusion is that the value shown in the ranks screen is the multiplier value, not the base value, so it shows you what reward you personally would get with current booster.

The amount shown is with the multiplier factored in, but I agree that it’s not made explicitly clear. We don’t think that it’s right to make players do additional math just to figure out their rewards. It’s currently slated to improve the UI in reward collection to get rid of any ambiguity with how the multiplier factors into what you’re receiving.

I see how it could be confusing but I think this is the best way to do it.

I’m totally confused…If I am ranked in 15th place…the amount shown is what everyone in that bracket will get…it’s not specific to my multiplier factor. When I level up to a higher multiplier…I’m still in the same bracket…payout doesn’t change.

It looks like, then, that you guys decreased the payout for each place.

I don’t believe that’s correct. The amount shown on the Leaderboard factors in your multiplier. At the time of this post, you’re on a 50-player Leaderboard at Rank 29 with 26,300 Event Collection Power, which should translate to:

3.7x Multiplier
5,458 Season Tokens (1,475 base)
3,774 Coins (1,020 base)

Yes…I stand corrected…I was not paying attention to the fractions.

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Thanks @ElOhssa. I’m glad we got that sorted out!

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