Pricing on quest pass

As is my custom, some unsolicited pricing feedback: the quest pass thing is priced way too high. $9.99 is about right. $14.99 maybe. But twenty-five bucks for the chance to work the game for a month for some extra chances at cards we probably don’t need? Guys. C’mon with that.

It’s a neat idea. I just can’t imagine too many people will take advantage of it at that price point.

Search for a post in forum where S7 makes and community already made a long philosophical discussion about „right“ price.

Here you are: Emotes store feedback

You were already in that discussion indeed :hugs::hugs::hugs:


My point is that if you price something nearer to its value, you sell more of it. It’s a problem that has unique contours in the digital space, where the marginal cost of a product is zero; you don’t even get the production cost of the “next unit” as a starting point. S7 can price this new product at $5000 for a pass that expires in a week, if they want. $10,000 a day, even. I’m offering some feedback from someone who pays for games and media, but to whom the current prices for some things are outrageously expensive. S7 could actually get more money from me if they stopped trying to get it all in one bite.

I’m not alone, either.

Totally agree. I would pay 10 bucks. Not 25.

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