Positive feedback on version 2.5 👍🏼

Dear S7 Team,

After several days playing the new update, please find below a constructive feedback.

You addressed 3 key points properly:

  1. coins economy for cards upgrade, which allowing a smoother progression almost like at origin of game.
  2. player time schedule manager. Every parts of the game (except event still) allow the player to play whenever she/he wants around 24h allowing to collect all potential bonuses
  3. Matchmaking. In arena, it is now taking only few seconds to get matched with a proper opponent.

Therefore it is, as you mentioned, a great fondation to add past modules or create new. Proposal/exemple of priorities based on what we could read, could be:

  1. reintroduce 2vs2 as an active feature rewarding something
  2. roll arena matchmaking in event

Best Regards


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I agree with Picci.

Devs addressed correctly some issues the game had concerning economy and matchmaking.

In order to keep improving i would suggest:

  • reintroduce 2v2 as meaningful match
  • fix ranking (2 different places show different ranking)
  • reintroduce something that shows how good the player is. Like we used to have the champion cool symbol. Human nature: people like to show how good they are hehehe
  • reintroduce gauntlet prizes


By the way, something I think is good is the new ranking system including all 3 factions. It makes players to play all factions instead of concentrating on just one.

But again, ranking has to be fixed and properly showed.

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Dude. Please don’t tell them to change the damn events. They’re gonna go and screw those up too. Hurray for your positivity, but unfortunately you’re the minority when it comes to feelings about this update. You’re of course entitled to your opinion just like everyone else, but that doesn’t mean your opinions are right :joy: Just sayin is all


Yes please do not touch the Events. It’s the only thing we have that works.

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If everything is going so positive with the new update with more players and chat in global why is there a need to boost players in the 17 Arena. I have seen some very low level opponents and I think all maxed out players would agree with this… I thought that was the whole reason of this new Arena system was to fix the matchmaking because that was the number one complaint. I thought the 17 Arena was for maxed out players. I do like not having to play for all those chest throughout the day.

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The matchmaking before this trash was frustrating at times, but it was better than this. At least the game was interesting. There was something to work towards. Now…not so much. Honestly Viper, I feel like anyone who supports these changes needs their heads examined

I agree with you Keys. I like this game but not the changes with this last update. Minor issues with matchmaking could have been fixed without a complete redo of the game. I also think if they would have included season players opinions into their decision making process it would have been better. As a business owner I discuss many issues with my customers and include them in my planning process. I am not just selling a product I am building a long term relationship. I want Wild Beyond to make money. I just think in my opinion that ignoring your customers and not including them is a wrong approach. If this update was solely done because they needed more revenue to keep the game going I believe the players would support some other type fee to help rather than this overhaul. What I was getting at in my previous post was if I have worked hard at playing and upgrading to the highest level then I expect to play an opponent that has done the same thing. I do not deserve to play a level 10 or 12 and have them boosted to my level. What is the point of all that work grinding out wins and working on upgrades and yes purchasing them to be leveled by a level 10. Win or lose it’s fake.

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This game has historically struggled with two separate problems around hitting the Battle button.

  • “I pressed the Battle button and I got a match where the other guy had cards way higher level than mine.”
  • “I pressed the Battle button and I had to wait 5+ minutes to get a match.”

The goal of the change to Multiplayer Arena system was to fix the problem “I pressed the Baffle button and I got a match where the other guy had cards way higher level than mine.”

The second problem is basically caused because we honestly don’t have enough players to match up fast enough — there’s basically not that many people hitting the Battle button at the top level per day to guarantee you’ll get a match in 45 minutes, let alone 5 minutes, let alone 10 seconds. Changing the arena system won’t fix this. There is already a super long thread discussing how this works and why. But the matches provided should always have card differential that you signed up for. No one should ever be surprised with how high the levels are opponents cards. You can read the thread with 200+ replies and lots of descriptions of detailed math of how this works here: Why, in the event, do I keep playing people that


Thanks for the note picci. These are both things we intend on doing! It took us months to build this first version of Multiplayer Arena. We hope we can build it for these other modes more quickly this time around.

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Thanks for your response. I understand where you are coming from but I would rather have a longer wait times in the 17 Arena than to play against Bots are boosted players. I know y’all are trying to meet all the request and it is time consuming. I think the 17 Arena needs to be pure without Bots, Leveling are Boosting. I think that’s what your goal was to being with. If a maxed deck player cannot get a match in the 17 Arena we can drop down into the 16 Arena and then level our cards to 16 if we are maxed. Upgrading is part of the game and the goal of all players is to reach the 17 Arena. If a lower deck player wants to play in the 17 Arena then by all means let them play but unboosted. I really think this would help bring players back into this level 17. I have talked with several players with lower decks that play in the 17 Arena and asked them why and there response was it was easier playing in the 17 Arena being boosted than playing in the 15 or 16 Arena. Anyway I appreciate your time.

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Ok. I agree with the 2v2, but I literally said up there do NOT change the events at all. The players you have that are sticking around are doing so because of the events. That’s the only game mode we still have. I’m telling you right now @S7campusLifer, you guys change events you’ll officially kill off what little is still left of your player base. It seems like S7 has very selective “hearing”. Positive feedback is the only type that is noticed and taken seriously, while on the other hand you have more negative than positive feedback surrounding the last update, including people basically warning the team not to mess with events and to give us our favored game modes back. I’ve personally seen you favor comments that you like, and ignore the ones you don’t like. We need to get a dev in here that actually cares about us and will actually listen, instead of being biased and condescending

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How about instead of making things even worse, you guys start working on giving us the content we liked back. The “fixing matchmaking” excuse that we’ve been given, the reason behind completely re-writing the entire game, is falling flat. It’s just not believable. Matchmaking was frustrating before, but I guarantee you most of us would take that back over the boring game now.

In fact, I’m going to challenge you. I want to see the team post a poll formally asking for opinions on the update. Did players like the old version? Or do they like the new version? Numbers be dammed, this will tell you the current state of the game. Instead of reading through tons of angry comments, how about you guys make it easy on yourselves and just ASK us how we feel?

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Hi Viper. Given what I’m reading in your post, it sounds like I haven’t explained how “boosting” works sufficiently because the things you’re saying aren’t how it works. If a players taps “Battle” in arena X, they will get the coin rewards in Arena X and their cards will always be the level they always see.

If someone with level 15 cards goes and hits “Battle” in the top arena, they will see their own level 15 cards and fight against people who have cards going up to level 17. There’s no way they can be “boosted” upward in this case.

The case where the player with level 15 cards would be “boosted” is if they play normally in a lower arena. They actually don’t get any real advantage — they earn the normal amount of coins they always do, they play with the normal cards they usually do. The system isn’t built for their benefit — it’s built for the benefit of the player with level 17 cards who would otherwise need to wait for an opponent for 5-20 minutes.

It’s very easy to say “turn this off, I just want to play with other people who have level 17 cards without bots, boosting, etc”. The reality is, we’ve tried it out without this stuff in the past and it was REALLY BAD. As recently as June, we actually turned it off for 3 days and everyone got really upset because it took literally hours to get the 6-10 wins to earn your rewards — each battle takes 5-20 minutes to find someone and then half the time you end up playing against someone like Punisher more than half the time. For sure, definitely, 100% certain that more people quit the game when we had 5-30 minute wait times for battles than with it. Maybe in the future we can add some button so people can opt out and see how bad it is — I’m almost positive anyone in their right mind would toggle it back on almost immediately.

For more details please read the following thread. Here’s one excerpt about how this works. There’s other very detailed posts on how we ended up doing this system and how things were before we introduced it.

I can’t sign up for such a project. As I mentioned in the other thread, I’m not going to have the time to do this level of communication and community management.

The forum is a subjective feedback from our top players. It’s a good datapoint, and we consider it often. But it’s not the only perspective we need to consider. Since the time the app was launched, the very top complaint from players has been “I pressed the Battle button and I got an unfair match where I had to play against someone whose cards were 2 levels higher than mine.” This new Multiplayer arena system was designed to address this feedback from players who generally have cards in the range of level 1 - level 15. Once players have level 16+ cards, they stop caring about this problem because they never really end up getting matched with anyone with level 18/19/20 cards. Generally, this forum is comprised of top players whose decks are all level 16-17 — not a very good datapoint for understanding if this new system is helping address this core problem we’ve had with the game.

We’ve had this whole discussion once before. I’m not going to have the time to rehash it.

Did you really just re-post the exact comment that caused multiple top players to quit??? If I remember correctly, the thing that pissed everyone off the most was the “yap” comment. In fact, a lot of us tried to file formal complaints against you, which obviously didn’t amount to much.

You know, it’s really too bad that you say you don’t have the time to create a poll. I think it’s more like you guys don’t want to see how pissed we actually are. You talk about the forum being made up of mostly top players, but if you created a poll, all players would come out of the woodwork to voice their opinion. A lot of people feel like what’s the point trying to talk to you guys on the forum? You’re not going to listen any way.

Something I’d like to point out: you seriously just contradicted yourself @S7campusLifer. You claimed that matchmaking was the number one complaint, but that it usually comes from newer players. How could you even see the complaints if top players are the only ones that post on the forum?? Hmmm…

Your top players are the ones you should be listening to. We have the guts to speak up for others when we read their comments on the forum. In other words, when we say things to the team, we represent a good chunk of the player base, new and old. Unfortunately, you especially seem to have no respect for your top players unless they don’t challenge you. Top players are the ones that have spent thousands. Top players are the ones who have stuck by this game to this point. Top players are the ones that have the most influence over the newer players. Top players are the ones that will decide if this game has a future or not. It’s astonishing that you don’t realize this. If we post comments in global about how horrible the game is, noobs are going to bounce. Why would they invest time and money into something that the veteran players hate so much?

I’ve said this to you personally multiple times: if you don’t start listening to your top players (even though you’ve decided we’re not important) and start treating us with some respect and soon, you’ll no longer have to worry about working overtime.

Make a poll. Let it sit for a week. Check it and document what you see. It’s customer service 101 @S7campusLifer, and it’s not as time consuming as you make it seem.

Thank you for the response and I do understand your explanation. I went through the top fifty teams and looked at the decks of highest ranked players. I can see your point there is not allot of players with fully maxed out decks and the wait time would be long. Hopefully this will change over the next few months. There is just not much satisfaction playing against a Bot win or lose. I know y’all are working on many issues and I am still hopeful that y’all can resolve them and bring back 2v2 and ranking like before. I know y’all have limited time and resources but maybe you could give us players some kind of idea on the direction your team is taking the game. What’s the next step.

I mean it shouldn’t be so hard to bring something back Into the game that was there from the start ranking and twos has been in the game from the beginning so why would y’all take it out of the game people like the game for what it was me and my buddy from London join this game cuz it had twos and we can play together ever since y’all took it out I can’t get him back on the game his only reason for playing was to play with me and twos so bring back the back what y’all took out and add more most game add not take away from the game give just add twos and rewards back for it which u can max ur daily coins by playing twos and rank back

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