Poor Customer Support - not getting what I paid for

Edit: They’ve just credited my account with an appropriate amount, so I’m happy now. It just took some time, but they did it, so I’m glad.

I’ve asked on this forum and to customer support multiple times to give me some kind of compensation for missing out on all the seasons units sale for the past few months that I can’t purchase because of a bug…whether it be more coins so I can purchase them as if they were on sale again or elite so I can upgrade all the units I’ve missed at once. They’ve ignored that and simply said they fixed the bug in the next release, but that is not acceptable since I’ve spent $$ and not gotten the full value of what I expected when I purchased. I have not gotten anything from them, so I’m not sure what else to do except write more negative reviews and ask Apple for my money back. Please help me out. Thank you!

You could refer your experience with S7 not fulfilling your purchase to Apple.

While I am not familiar with Apple’s policies nor made any purchases on this game since launch, you can take a look at this post as reference as it is similar to your post/ experience:


This is a ONLY suggestion, S7. I am NOT calling out for a campaign of refunds.

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Apple is in on the racket. They’ll automatically refund smaller purchases, but if you bought any of the big buys, you’ll have to negotiate with a live person. When you describe the problem, they’ll refer you to S7, who will respond that only Apple can give refunds, who will respond that you must speak with S7, who will respond… good luck, though.

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@Kier yup. Customer service is non-existent. I dropped 2 tickets on the support page and brought it up on the forums after getting screwed out of 1000 season tickets off a bug and never heard anything back. You got it worse, but I wouldn’t count on being made whole by customer service anytime soon, if ever.

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I feel really bad for you, I’ve seen your posts about this since it started. I’ve seen S7 reps say they will fix it and appropriately fix things for you. I hope they stand by that.


I retract my negative criticism. S7CampusLifer followed up on it. 24 hour turn around. Original complaint was from July 24. Not sure what happened with the other complaints, but they did make it right.

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Not for me. Mine was on July 20th and 1,000 season tokens isn’t even enough to even cover how much I’ve missed.

How many do you think you’ve missed, for want of a spectre?

It’s more than just not getting the specter, he’s locked on bunch of stuff which makes events harder, he missed the sales, etc etc.

1000 tokens is like slat on the wound… Honestly might as well not give him anything. 10k tokens is like saying “whatever annoying person we don’t care about the problem we caused you just go away”

Okay but that’s my point: what are you proposing would be fair recompense? You’re saying that the actual 1000 would be inadequate because it represents some part of a spectre card you could have bought, which represents some edge in some number of games which translates into some number of additional rewards. I’m just curious how you fill in those blanks to arrive at a number?

Edit: They’ve just credited my account with an appropriate amount, so I’m happy now. It just took some time, but they did it, so I’m glad.

When investing time and $$ in a game - aka goods/services - the customer expects to be given the full amount stated to them at the time of purchase. If they don’t, they should be given compensation for what they didn’t receive, or their $$ back.

It’s like paying for seasons tickets for baseball, and the bug is half the games are closed for the summer. The customer had plans for the summer with friends and families. Then later the baseball devs fix the bug, but now only little league games are available because the customer had missed the big leagues and it’s winter now.

The appropriate compensation is giving me what I would’ve have gotten if the bug hadn’t existed: 10,000 season tokens for the 25% off deal that passed (I had saved ~40,000 tokens at one point for the specter sale) + days of elite for the time I missed upgrading everything at once + coins for upgrading the specter units.

They’ve just credited my account with an appropriate amount, so I’m happy now. It just took some time, but they did it, so I’m glad.

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