Point / Rank system is garbage



Point system is garbage.

I’m Gold 1, lvl 15 - just lost to a gold 5, lvl 22. I lost 20 points. I had no chance at all, most lopsided fight I’ve had yet in about 500 battles. Bet he could beat me, easily, 100 times out of a 100. I just don’t have the cards or the levels. Should have been a -1 for that loss.

When I win against higher ranked / lvl players I’m lucky to get +8

Tried Rogue last night multiplayer - 25 wins in a row. Got +1 for a few, then it went to +2, every few wins it went up a point. Eventually, I got to +8 per win. Then I lost, to a higher ranked player, and lost 17 points.

Absolute garbage.

Seriously makes me want to quit.


They are aware of that. They said that they’re already fixing it

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