Please stop putting typhoons in every event pool

Title says it all. I main rogue and have level 17 typhoons. They’re great. But just as every event used to be “the Val show,” now every event is becoming “the typhoon show.” The card is powerful, sure, but it has reasonable counters in every faction. There are not good counters in every event pool, though, and it really becomes a question of whose typhoons are bigger and how soon they come up in the deck.

Let’s just not.

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@Holeesmokes It’s still the Val show. But if they pull Typhoons then they’ll dump Madness x4 on us instead.

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They’re likely going to continue to feature units that are going to spur pain to buy in. Season token based units for the feature induces buying pain and makes you lose to others who have them, which will make you want to have them.

This is a game built by a team that needs to get paid and I support that. However, they have really let a lot of people down by removing any incentives to play 2v2 or gauntlet.

Completely agree. There’s a lot of cost behind game development. It’s still a business that needs to be profitable.

What I don’t agree with is the cash-grab that seems to have become the norm with fad developers. Offering coin/gem packs at US $159 that will get you bugger all is just ridiculous. Seriously, you can buy two new-release PS4 games for those kind of dollars.

I’ve loved this game in it’s many forms (many don’t realise it started as Rebel Sky over 3 years ago). It’s had several changes and additions since then, but has still been basically the same game.

Update 2.5 (after dozens of updates and quite a few complete ‘resets’) is the first time I’ve actually lost passion for it. That’s upsetting, because it was imperfectly perfect prior.

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I get that the game needs to draw money. The fact that a game with such strong fundamentals is still so low pop should be a major wake-up call, though. I really hope the recent addition of emotes to the shop (which I immediately bought to reward good strategy, despite not really wanting them and angrily swearing off purchases long ago) is a sign of things to come. Inducing gameplay pain isn’t a winning strategy long term, because most players will move on; I’d wager a month’s wages this is why we still have such a low population game after all this time. Inducing cosmetic envy — as a function of prestige and vanity — can be a successful business model. But my point really is this:

I’m maxed on typhoons and this kind of issue is inducing not just pain, but boredom, and there’s no amount of money I can spend to change that. (In point of fact, I’m not sure anyone can spend money on this “pain” because typhoons are season units and currently unavailable.)

I don’t think it’s a money-making inclusion, I frankly think it’s inertia or laziness.


S7 Devs seem to get an idea in their heads and stick to it like glue no matter what player opinion or facts may contradict them.


I’m confused why people are responding by talking about featured units. I don’t believe Typhoon was featured recently or the original poster was talking about that.

Isn’t the original post talking about Typhoons being included in the event card pool every time (not complaining that they’re featured)?

It also seems like he’s complaining that it’s always in the pool because lots of people already have upgraded it to level 17 (including @Holeesmokes) and everyone always uses it because it’s strong and they don’t need to upgrade it? And that’s boring to have the same strong card appear every battle?

If anything, my reading of the original post sounds like “you’re not changing the event card pool often enough and people are able to get by without putting in different cards and upgrading them” which sounds very far from a complaint about “cash grab”?


You’re reading my original post correctly. Having typhoons (or madness, warp, spectre, etc, if that were the case) in the event pool all the time when they’re not in season doesn’t really strike me as a real money-driver. It’s just making for awkward and monotonous gameplay.