Please remove commander banner animation

The big banner animation that occurs when a commander is deployed is super distracting. It blocks a huge chunk of the play field from view, which can be very frustrating when you’re in a match where every second of timing counts. Sometimes it blocks me from being able to pick the exact location I want to drop a unit. I would love if it were just gone entirely, or at the very least reduced/moved somewhere less intrusive.


Yeah. It may be appealing to beginning players but to the average and long time players, like me, find it annoying and themselves like β€˜fish in a barrel’ for a brief few seconds or so.

I think the best way to deal with this is to reduce the size of the banner and place it inside of the player’s selected commander picture in the top right/left hand corners of the screen. The regular picture of the commander would briefly switch to the deploy banner and then, switch back to its original picture.

I too have found this to be a bit disruptive in play, and there was quite a lot of discussion about this in past development. I’ve ticketed this to be reviewed.

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Yeah or remove it from multiplayer and just keep it around for story/challenge mode

Yes I agree. Don’t need a notification when u can see the commander that has been dropped.

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