Please read and support! Some ideas to add quality to early and late game!

First off; thank you to the devs for making a great game. One that I play daily and look forward to playing. I know that you guys are a small team of developers and may be overwhelmed at times by the volume of requests on the forums, but hang in there and try to look past the negative feedback And continue to work on this game that many of us enjoy.

First topic, overall guild experience and chat systems. I would like to see a guild message board so when I login I can see the leader and officers messages that they would like to relay to their other guild mates. This would help us a lot in terms of Being able to communicate to each other our goals for the day and goals for the week and request from each other. This could be a simple thing that would add a lot of utility to the guild experience. I would also like to see a gifting or donation system that would allow me To help my guild mates. Things like gifting diamonds, coins, gold, extra cards at a quicker rate because I have literally thousands and thousands of extra cards that I do not need and would like to do something with them.

Second topic, boss blitz. There are often times where I need to complete a quest that requires me to fight 2 to 3 bosses and there are not enough players online to complete this. I think that either the option of removing this requirement from quest or making boss blitz A soloable Option would be helpful.

Third topic, chest rewards as well as quest rewards. For the players like me who have reached the end game rather quickly because I spent a lot of money, I would like to see an option to only receive Coins rather than gold because I have no use for any more cards As well as gold because the only thing I can do with those is buy more cards which I have no use for. I know that coins is a Controversial and delicate discussion, but this would really help me enjoy the money that I have spent and encourage me to continue to buy diamonds or deals so that when I refresh my boxes to complete quests, I can feel that my moneys worth has been spent well and I would be more likely to spend money to do so.

Fourth topic, for the new players. I think that, as any businessman or anyone who has attended business school such as myself, customer retention and finding new customers and keeping those customers is very important to the business. I think that enticing new players with Rewards such as giving them a free level 15 unit of your choice or their choice this would encourage more spending by these new people and also make them feel they have at least something to work with. In fact, maybe it could be up to three level 15 units. Iโ€™m not entirely sure on how many you would want to get out but I think that it would be a smart move to show new players what they could have if they continue to invest in the game with either money or time because we know that we need a larger player base so we can stop using bots as replacement for those players that we do not have. Also giving out a daily reward other than a basic box Would help players on all levels something to look forward to when they log in. As someone who is reach late game like myself opening a basic box every six hours is very disappointing and not even worth pressing the button. I know that there can be something done very easily to solve a problem like this.

Anyways thank you for reading I have more ideas but I think this is enough for now and I would like to hear from other Players and share ideas amongst the community and I hope that the devs would join in this conversation and I hope that this conversation can be friendly between players and the company and be constructive and not negative. I know that a lot of people have been upset lately including myself but I think itโ€™s time that we work with the company and not against the company. Because I know when someone is threatening me or coming at me with hostility I donโ€™t want to do anything for those people. So, letโ€™s keep this friendly and enjoyed the discussion. Thanks for reading


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