Please make it so we can see where and what our allies are doing

Please make a feature that allows us to see where our allies are such as if they’re playing the gauntlet or they’re playing in the event or they’re doing a quick match. It would help to know where so-so went so I’m not sitting in the lobby like an idiot with my 2v2 request open thinking he’s just afk when he’s in a match. That’s a feature I would love to see soon thanks!


Awesome suggestion

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Sounds like a good idea but kinda stalkeryish😂 maybe just an In battle notice. I also would love to see a feature where you can watch battles your teammates are currently in.

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Not meant to be a stalker mode, it’s so we know when people are in a match or just afk. Cus I’ll hit the 2v2 button and wondering why they haven’t accepted but they were in a match or something.

Yea I get that XD

We recently made some major improvements to “online” status. I agree that it would be very cool to see what your teammates are up to … I’d even go one step further and say I’d love to be able to kibitz their game in progress! But … loving an idea and developing it are quite different :). I don’t think we’ll be able to prioritize this any time soon, but that doesn’t make me want it any less!

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What would be amazing and more effective is showing what commander we are requesting 2s play and what deck level or rank it is. That would stop any unintentional mismatching.


Agree that would be handy to be able to easily see if your teammate is using their champion rogue deck or their silver legion deck :slight_smile:! Not sure how hard that is to do, but I will pass along the suggestion.


Please please please more deck slots. We desperately need more deck slots so that we can have an event deck for seriousness and a deck that is fun or experimental. Can we please at least get a response of how far along more deck slots is? I know you are definitely adding this feature at some point, but would like to know if it’s soon or much later.


Hopefully soon. Another thing I would love to see is a non ranked game mode where you test your deck against all types of players but all u it’s are maxed for fair game play. That way it’s a way to test the deck for some and just have fun for others without the stress of dropping ranks.


The global chat challenges sort of accomplish this (without changing the level of your cards, but that is probably useful for testing how your deck will actually play at the current time). I agree it’d be nice to have a gauntlet-like challenge button too, but I don’t think that’ll be something we can squeeze into the roadmap soon.

We just need more deck slots. Really, how difficult is it to create space for 2 more decks per faction? I would like to see this in the next update or very soon. I’m tired of having to re-create decks. I want to ability to swap between decks with ease so I can enjoy the game on a deeper level. It’s frustrating that I am not allowed a rush type deck and a tech deck at the same time. I’m very excited for the hive worm for this purpose.

i Want to add in that it would be nice to see what my allies are up to in terms of opening boxes, or creating a deck or just basically what they’re up to so i don’t just sit around doing nothing while waiting for their attention when they were just afk or opening boxes this entire time.

Hmm maybe not quite that in depth…but what would make sense is when you enter a queue, you can see which faction/commander they are using?

It’s on the radar; no ETA, but I hopefully this one can be relatively short-term.

This would definitely be helpful. Putting chat on the queue screen would help too (as then you could talk about this detail and many more … or just shoot the breeze).

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