Please make boss blitz beneficial for the Ally also

It’s kind of discouraging or time wasting sometimes to help ally in boss blitz because it’s not beneficial to the guy who helps … you can give the win to both …So it becomes a thing that we wanna do it together


Or ya know… solo

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I love how y’all were completely ignored :joy:


I think it’s a good idea to make it count as a win for the helping player if they haven’t yet finished that level of the boss.


I honestly don’t even play it anymore. It’s a shame. I can’t seem to find players who are online same time as me and aren’t already playing multiplayer. The problem is everyone wants to do the mine bosses but no one wants to accept the invite cuz they want to do their own first. I love the idea but I have lost the ability to purchase anything with my gold cuz I barely earn about 3k a day at my level 6 mine… not to mention, soon most of the players in my guild won’t be able to help even if I could convince them to because the deck strength requirement prevents them from helping. And to make matters worse, I’m limited as to how many times a single player can help Lehigh ruins the ability of me and the one other strong player to work together. So as a result… we just don’t do it. And that sucks… idk what the numbers look like on your end… but aside from a few top alliances… it’s hard for me to think that other(average to noob) players even bother doing it.
Anyway, sorry for the rant… I just enjoy fighting bosses but the way the system is set up there are too many obstacles to even start the battle and I just needed to get that off my chest


Why cant it be a individual or a co-op , many players are not in alliances

Because the goal of the feature is to get players to condense into active alliances and become friends with each other :wink:


Because the goal of the feature is to get players to condense into active alliances and become friends with each other

Whatever y’all smoking over there at pocket gems it must be too strong. I feel bad for my allies who play boss with me because I know they get nothing out of it so I end up not playing it and just run 2s with them… Not trying to be rude but y’alls justifications for stuff are always straight DUMB and make no sense nor prove themselves to be true in the game… You guys need to do more RnD and ask players what they prefer instead of assuming…


@keebler I agree. The free riders don’t care enough to help others in return, and the conscientious feel bad about the ally not getting anything so they don’t bother to play. I try to reciprocate by helping others, but it takes too much time, plus it’s not always the same people, so I’m not bothering to get gold coins anymore.

Re: 2v2 only. Our data has shown that since we made boss blitz 2v2-only, people play together way more frequently than before. Players that are in low activity alliances are condensing into higher activity alliances. We’re pretty happy with this and are not planning to change it any time soon.

Re: Why doesn’t this feature pay out gold for assisting:

  • This feature is simply there for people who want to do it and want to help their teammates – we don’t want to “incentivize” it for people who don’t intrinsically want to do it
  • If you’re someone who doesn’t want to help out your teammates unless you’re getting some payout for doing it, then we are currently NOT trying to change your behavior. We just want people to help teammates because they just want to help teammates – and form a social bond and build up a stronger team.
  • The goal of Bosses and Gold Mines is for new players who mostly campaign to join alliances and become friends with other.
  • In other games we’ve made with relatively vibrant social communities, we’ve found an important component is that there are ways for players in an Alliance to help each other out without “getting paid to do it.”
  • In other words, our experience is that an important part of forming social bonds is players just helping each other out because they want to be nice and help their team move forward. NOT because there’s some system in the game giving you payouts for helping your teammates

Since you are forcing players to 2vs2 boss blitz, of course the data will show that people will play together more frequently. I got a level 10 gold mine and I did not enjoy playing and encouraging my members to “play” boss blitz. Was the time I invested worth it? I hope so but probably not until the economy is fixed. I know you are trying to make newer players learn the different classes and units but you don’t need to make 2vs2 mandatory. Not everyone has that kind of time to beg and wait for help.

The point of mobile games is to have fun and achieve some sort of sense of accomplishment. Right now you are just scaring newer players and making veterans quit.

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