Please let us know if you don’t plan on updating game, we have been loyal

Hi the ones still playing have been playing for months if not over a year, and have paid money over time to get where we are. At least if you can just let us know if you have stopped and abandoned this game. I think any responsible company owes it to their customers. Please post a message and let us know. You guys should remove some of the currencies and make it easier so that the new people have a chance on this game, it’s a great game just needs some tweaks, and some fairness so that the new people get excited.


They shut down at the end of Jan. it’s all over red rover. There is no new season coming.
If devs could breathe a little life into the game, rather than mass updates which change the entire game dynamic, then I still has plenty of life in it.

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This company is trash :wastebasket: bro sorry to say it but this game is dead and gone on to the next.just remember the. And of the people who made this one and when they come out with a new game hit the five Dees of dodge ball on

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The people running the company (Pocker Gems) do not care.

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Pretty sure they don’t but it will hurt they name later in the future if they try and make another get rich fast game.

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I will never download or play another game associated with them if they don’t have the decency to at least respond. I have a lot of members in all the discord accounts from all the games I play, I will let them know and have them spread the word.


They are a bunch of spineless, low life punks.

As long as the revenue is fine. Don’t think they care. And they’ll just make another shell company haha


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