Please invest to restore Seasons / Make basic Bug Fixes

According to the feedback on the support requests … the help development team is reviewing the forum … however we’re now approaching five months into a fundamentally broken game.

I’m not talking about the old pre-arena game, but the new one that S7 was investing in till December 2019 and then doing some basic bug fixes on in Jan 2020.

Since then it’s been left to run semi-broken, with many key aspects now erroring out or simply not working.

Having read the Pocket Gems website it’s clear that this goes completely against your mission, so would like you to please live up to your mission, or at least your marketing, and to fix this game, restore the seasons, and get the basics working again.

There’s enough good stuff in the game to keep it interesting, and fixing those elements will undoubtedly revive it to an extent, and it would lead to a meaningful return on your investment with players buying passes and decent chances to update their decks / participate in events etc.

If you are exploring offloading this game, I run a SaaS company, used to work with Rovio / Angry Birds (built up their web architecture) and am open to a conversation to taking this game off your hands / developing it independently, but that would require a meaningful conversation.

If there’s any dev reading this / playing the game and wants to keep it going (or even to develop it further) then please also let me know. I’m easy to contact in-game and if there’s a hint of progress will share my irl contact details.


Somebody HMU if you got a devs email work or not

Why don’t we all start giving this game a one star review on Apple/play store?

I’ve been asked by a few players in game and on Discord about this post and am sorry to say that no one from Pocket Gems nor S7 has acknowledged it yet.

I am not surprised in and of itself, but raises further any concerns I have about the viability of this game, S7 and indeed Pocket Gems itself.

Will let you know if anything further comes up.

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