Please fix this game!

This game has gone from decent to bad to worse with each update.

There’s no longer a benefit to playing 2v2, which EVERYONE enjoyed.

You’ve now made it so it costs an ungodly amount of coins to upgrade cards and an even crazier amount of dust which you cannot acquire.

In order to level a card to make you now need something like 5,000,000 dust. Most cards that you can spare only give you 1,000 dust for scrapping it. Also, you only earn 1-3 cards per day playing the game, and 1-2 of those are through gold purchasing.

2v2 wait time is now 5-10 minutes and even then you don’t find a match.
Allied raids are crap. We play the same 2-3 teams every week. Most of which are fully maxed out and almost impossible to beat.

We play the same crappy events each week. Most can’t even win an event match so they give up.

Are you guys listening to the people that play your game? Come on! Bring back the fun and stop “fixing” things that aren’t broken.


You don’t have to login daily and do every single objective over 10-12 years to max all your cards. You can just drop $$$$ and win

That’s the goal of Wild Beyond. To push you beyond your wildest limits to whip out that wallet. Whenever their whales start to top out they have to expand that top and stretch the rest of the game out for everyone else so that the whales still have things to do and spend money on. The grind will only every get grindier from here on out.

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Once upon a time this might have been true, when I started the game spending money advanced you significantly. I know I did it. Then the devs started cutting the value of the packages and most whales stopped buying them. I’ll include myself in there though I never spent as much as many others did (I literally watched someone drop $2000 once and max out the entire season in 5 min) I stopped buying the packages because the value from the purchase in terms of game progression wasn’t there any longer. With the current purchases it’s not even close to those cut down values and unless you spend many thousands you won’t even get what $100 used to get you.


Man 100 bucks back from season one and two was lit it was so worth it coins like 3k tokens lots of cards and it was no dumb ass dust 100 bucks gets you what 30 cards maybe 3k tokens no coins trash :wastebasket: can packs. If I post packs from other games it makes this game look like is going down hill they quest pass was even trash not worth 24.99 at all will not pay that again ever.

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