Please Fix / No medals for 2v2 champion arena?

Please make up your minds devs. You allow 2v2 to add to medals for sub-50 arenas but have no leaderboards to track medals for 2v2 in champion arena. IMO 1v1 and 2v2 should count towards the same ridiculous requirement of 50k medals per star. If you won’t do that, then create a 2v2 leaderboard that doesn’t only reflect the top 100 players for 2v2 and 1v1.

Additionally, you should bring the fixed win/loss rate of medals back for arenas. Each arena should have its own fixed rate, I shouldn’t be penalized by getting 1-4 medals per win against someone no shouldn’t even be playing in he level 50’arna. I’m playing for medals, they are playing for the extra coin. It’s complete nonsense that these people are even allowed into the champion arena, let alone put in a position to gain more medals than a player who belongs there and has no control over who they get matched up against. You changed the entire game to appease the players who complained about unfair matchmaking( the people who didn’t support you by paying extra $$$ for coins/diamonds/packs) and as one of the many people who did support you by giving you thousands of dollars, I and many others feel under appreciated and ignored. So many changes were made to the structure of the game, but we are now back to the same issue that was a huge problem before the major updates. IMO, ELO matchmaking was fine, but it’s gone now and yet the same win/loss rewards remain the same. Again, arenas should have their own fixed win/loss rate to correct this issue and 2v2 should count towards 1v1 medals in champ arena. While 2v2 and 1v1 medals count towards the same arena, separate leaderboards for 1v1 and 2v2 should be created.


The game was fine before all this shit. Changing the entire structure of the game because, like you said, the lower ranked players who weren’t paying S7’s salary, complained that they didn’t like MM system. I reached Champion no problem with the old system, and was able to win events. It was a challenge. Now there’s no excitement, no incentive, nothing. The game is flat. I’ve said this many times, they don’t give a shit about their high ranking players. If they wanted more of a player base, instead of bothering with these two horrible updates, they should have released the game on Android.

Many of us have provided viable solutions and suggestions to make this game amazing. And what do they do? Completely ignore us and go in the opposite direction.

@S7Dave bring back the original game!! Give us our ranking system back! Our gold, diamond, challenger, and champion frames!! Bring the monthly reset back!! You’ve heard what we want, so why do you guys refuse to listen?!

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