Please change quest requirements for high lvl players!

Quests that ask you to spend X amount of coins is nearly impossible to complete on a daily basis for high lvl players, because our upgrade cost is way too high and asking for 3,500 (15,000 at the highest) at the lowest tier is impossible to complete even with two refreshes at the black market shop since units found there only cost 1,500 unless legendary. All of my units are lvl 15 (with the exception of a few epics and seasonal units)

Please change requirements for this quest!!!


I just finished that 3,500 coins quest by blowing it on a lvl 14 shadow stalker and got the 3,500 coin quest directly after :joy: and I know what the devs are going to say already, so Iโ€™ll beat you to the punch so you can answer my question after you say โ€œthereโ€™s a chance you get these quests itโ€™s not malicious.โ€ I know itโ€™s not malicious but please help us high lvl players stick around.

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