Please bring back Rogue starter pack


Hello devs, could you bring back the rogue starter pack deal?


It’s not much of a starter pack if anyone can get it later, now is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

more seriously, can I ask for the reasons for your request?


I think people want the portraits, the golden ones.


2 reasons why:

  1. I want to open a rogue pack to get legendary
  2. I want the rogue portrait

Yessss we need the portrait soo bad


I’ll talk to the team about it.

It’s not 100% clear it’s the right thing to do to bring these things back. On other games I’ve worked on, I’ve seen a segment of players feel like it’s wrong to do that. For instance, imagine you’re a a player who read “limited time” and jumped on it when you saw it (because you didn’t want to miss out on it before it’s gone). Then it’s supposedly reappearing and everyone is buying it — would that make you feel weird about it?

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We’re not asking about the package itself, we just need the portrait ONLY, so like if you could add a quest for example win 10 straight rogue battles without loosing to get the portrait or deploy 1000 rogue units or get rogue units to a specific level.
You guys can add a new commander special portraits and each one has a special specific quest for it instead of the starter pack portrait, add new awesome portraits like the fish ranking portraits and the season 1 ranking portraits THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!


Will you not be allowing android people to buy them either?


To be clear, while I work on the development team of Wild Beyond, I’m not personally in charge of valuepacks or even on the team of people who would make such a decision. I haven’t yet heard the stance of the people who are in charge of this.

I’m just explaining the problem I’ve seen in the past when I’ve worked on games who make such changes.

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