Please add a “Last online: [Number of weeks/days/hours] ago” in alliances


It’s really hard to tell who’s active and who’s not by looking into their status every hour or day(s) or so. Please do add this function because this heavily impacts extremely active alliances on a huge scale.


Thanks for bringing this up. For sure it’s a problem.

For now, the best you can do is see how many donations they’ve contributed in the last week. If they’re logging in but not donating anything, are they worth keeping anyway? :wink:


I can’t believe it’s so difficult to add this…it’s a completely basic thing that’s been flagged months ago, yet still nothing. Pretty much every other game has this function.

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Hi @Xaarl

Like many comments and suggestions in this forum, most things are individually relatively minor projects. But taken collectively all the ideas together would take years to produce. Like any development team, we have to choose a prioritization and try to deliver the things we believe will be the most impactful first.

For sure I’d like to see this feature fixed. You’re right – it’s not a massive feature. I bet a team of client engineer, server engineer, and QA and ux designer could knock it out in 1-3 days including time to test and fix bugs.

That said, I personally wouldn’t want to dedicate resources to it until we’ve first finished fixing more fundamental problems like really long matchmaking queue times, severely bad unfair matches, app crashing, battles freezes, connection problems, new units, an android port of the game, etc. I’d want that team of people to help with those projects first, if possible…

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