Players need more coins to upgrade troops

I have a bunch of troops that need upgrading and no coins. Have to grind for long periods just to upgrade one troop. Game would be a lot more fun if players have access to more coins to upgrade their troops. Would suggest increasing the coin drops from chests or introduce another method for active players to gain more coins.


They actually just nerfed the coin drops from chests. We used to get a lot more. The coins we could (rarely) purchase with alliance coins was always 4K, and now most of the time it’s 2k.

Question for you: how long have you been playing, what is your highest rank?

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Yeah it pissed me off when the cut the coins from reward chests to nearly half the amount they use to give. All the players at the top got their units leveled up before the change and now all the new players have to struggle to catch up.

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Very true. I have 29 troops ready to be upgraded and no coins. The amount of coins we get from chests is ridiculously low. 100 or 1000 coins from a chest considering that upgrade one single troop to level 15 costs more than 40.000 doesn’t make sense. Even paying we can’t get much coins. Look at the coins on the deals. They have just few thousands coins.

I have 45 units that are ready to be upgraded. But they all cost 80k and up

I think I have 44 or 45 units to be upgraded and… oh coin booster is gonna stop working in 2 days, despite the increase to that I still don’t get what I used to get and it’s going to get worse when the season ends.

Bout 3 months, highest is diamond 3

61 upgrades waiting, here :hot_face:

I get that the coin drop is the primary gating method to prevent catapulting to max everything too soon, but the comment about top players above was spot on: it feels like everyone paused when the coin drop fell. The top ranks seem unchanged (and impenetrable) since coins became so rare.

Also, throwing a couple thousand coins in the purchase packs just feels like a mockery. It’s as though the team responsible for designing those packs don’t actually play the game :joy:

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