Player Inactivity

Hey peeps, is there any way to help check player activity, like say…if u aren’t sure if your alliance leader is still playing? Are there any rules/expectations or standards they are held accountable to?
Thx in advance👊

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I see where you’re coming from, maybe there should be some kind of requirement for alliance leaders. If they’ve been inactive for a certain amount of time, the system should demote them to just a member and make the most active player or an officer the leader. Successful alliances have to have an active leader.

For now, when you look at your alliance info, you can see who is online as well as who has donated in a certain amount of time. I suppose you could keep track throughout the day for a few days to see if they ever appear “online”. I would think that if they’re obviously not active, you could email the devs to have something done about it.

Thx PWK, I’m sure it’s a rare occurrence but is wildly frustrating, ive sent numerous chats that have all expired, actually got to play w leader about 10 days ago and still didn’t communicate w me, and it’s not just with me, homies just checked out, feels like I’m walking away from a classic car but it’s time to get a new one I suppose👊

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