Phoenix season token chests

Were the season token chests nerfed? Because it seems like I’ve gotten less tokens from the “deals” from each chest each time the sale comes out. Also, why would you decrease the sale savings % each time you purchase the $100 package? I bought 1 at 66% off and then the second was 60% and the third is 20%??? I mean, I’m definitely not going to buy that last one now. Especially because it comes with less chests than the second offer which had 15 chests in it, of which I only received 7. (I’ve already sent out an email on this error.) so, if you want that last $100, you probably should have made it a better deal than the last deal because now I’m definitely not buying it.

Odd glitch worry it happened to you

I’m fairly certain the season token chest offers are the same as last time they were available, but I’ll have a look into the specifics to make sure! It is common for us to have a limited # of purchases available for high discount value packs, and then still have additional less discounted or non-discounted options available after all the highly discounted packs have been purchased, which looks like it was the case here. I’ll pass on your feedback to the team!

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