PG please read. Broken matchmaking


Right now if I win an at level 1v1 I get 1 point. Uno. One. If I lose -20. Someone at PG help me understand why in the hell I would do pvp? No incentive at all. And sucking the fun out of the game.


Just continue to use the commander and the medal you will recieve will soon increase


Hi @Fitz12 !

Thanks for the feedback. I can understand why it feels weird to gain/lose different amounts of rating.

Our matchmaking system is based on the ELO rating system from chess. Systems like this are used in almost every competitive video game. You can read more about ELO here: I suggest you give the article a read – it describes the system in way better detail than I can.

One interesting thing about this system is basically that it rewards you rating changes depending on what the expected outcome is. If a grandmaster like Kasparov wins against a 8 year old novice, he will only receive a small bump in rating (because he was already expected to win — his rating was much higher to begin with) and the novice won’t have their rating penalized much because the rating difference was so far apart that they were already expected to lose. But if a Kasparov were to lose to the novice, he’ll have a huge rating drop and the novice will have a massive rating increase. In other words, the gain or loss amount has an important input of what the ratings of the participants is.

If I were to predict how your rating will work over time, I think we’d see a graph of a curve growing pretty steadily upward and to the right – but with a minor “sawtooth” pattern along the line as you win/lose battles along the upward trajectory curve.


thank you for the quick response CL.

I understand what you’re saying, and honestly did prior to reading it. But my primary concern remains the same. What inscentive is there for me to do pvp, the primary piece of this game? In your example, why would the grand master play the novice? All risk no reward.

I really am liking the game. But this is very concerning as in now in a spot with nothing to do.


Yeah, sorry…I don’t think this is working properly. I’m Silver 4, I just lost a game to Gold 3 and got -36!? I’ve never seen a +36, even when I beat a Gold league team. I got a +6 for beating a Silver 5 or 6… I dunno, that -36 seems ass backwards to me. Please explain.


Same issues here. For example I won a battle 10 pts. Then next I lose 29points! We move foward 1 step, then the game push us back 2-3 steps. Annoying and frustrating it is!


I have experienced the same issue. I’ve been matched with gold 5 (I was silver 2) and someone almost 10 levels above me, I still lost around 30 points. It takes at least 3 wins to recover that lose.


They should have juat used a Star (Like in mobile legends) or fixed values for medals earned.


THIS. I am someone highly familiar with the ELO system and after a full 2 days of vigorous experimentation I can say that this system we have here is broken. I’ve taken the time to log my last 50 games. For most of them I was in gold leauge 1 or 2- and for all of them a level 16. I won 39 games. I lose eleven. I ended up with less trophies then when I started. The highest trophy amount I received was 5. This was true even when matched and winning against played ranked higher then me in leauge and level. The lowest I lost was 31. Something is extremely wrong here. I’m extremely dissapointed. I review mobile games for a living, and was very much enjoying this one, to the point where I spent 120$ on it so far. If this isn’t fixed in under 24 more hour I will be uninstalling. This giant issue has literally ruined the game. If any of the developers would like to contact me, my email is


Personally i think he just sucks thanks cor the info tho on the chess sytem he must be trying to pad rank btw


I’m shocked that a response was given. I’ve seen similar posts simply deleted; which is a horrible way to gain traction with the gaming community when you launch.

Thank for the response, but the issue still remains. This algorithm is working horribly and ruining the game second only to the connectivity issue for alliances.


Yupp. Still no answer for me. Giving it a few more days before uninstalling and leaving a strongly worded review in the App Store. It’s upsetting because aside from these MAJOR “ELO system” flaws in matchmaking, it’s a great concept and executed quite well in all other aspects


Same complaint here. Matchmaking puts you in with people who might be same level but their cards are way higher. You’re screwed and then to add insult to injury, you lose a ton of trophy’s for someone who spent $1000 buying chests for all legendary cards.


They are already aware of it and said that they’re fixing it