Personally am enjoying Wild Beyond a great deal now

I feel that we’re all a bit down with many of the changes that have been happening with Wild Beyond, and as you’ll have seen on the forum, I’ve been as frustrated as anyone here over the past few iterations.

Am still frustrated with aspects such as the big slowdown with being able to upgrade, the dust limitations, chat limitations etc… but … I’m actually really enjoying WB again, so thought it would be worth putting it out there.

We’ve also got a nice vibe in our alliance which we’ve managed to get firmly into the top 10, so whilst I think there’s a lot of easy wins that S7 is missing out on, am pretty happy with how things are right now as a whole.

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Wow, you must have 3 fully maxed decks or had a bunch of cards left over to convert to dust then.

Hi Fox, have the same issue as you with levelling up … still enjoying the game though. This event’s certainly a nice one.

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I’m maxed out. I’m angry for people who aren’t and have no realistic means of earning dust/ cards for leveling. You even me mentioned a bunch of things that are wrong. Can’t imagine that you are “ pretty happy with the way things are as a whole” right now. It sounds like you are just marginally entertained by the current event, and in no way happy with a fraction of the game, just like everyone else.

Hi Fox,

Can be both dissatisfied with many aspects of the game and still be enjoying it. Hopefully S7 listen to people and not just the data.

Reading this forum though you’d think no one is enjoying the game right now and that’s just not the case.

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Agreed, if they can improve 2v2 and do something about the dust system, then the game would be great. :+1:

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I think what you are saying is you still enjoy the core of the gameplay in an actual battle and this event feels good to you while all the mechanisms associated with the game are still frustrating.

I’ll tell you if things are good in your alliance in this current game you are lucky. Most of the players in my guild are sticking for now but we’ve lost some good ones and the population of the game has dropped off significantly. It’s not as easy to replace good players who leave. Since the social aspect of playing in 2v2 is essentially gone people done hang out and play together nearly as much. Personally I miss the huge groups who used to hang out chat and just run 2v2.


I’m just sayin, if you list 3 things you have a problem with (ended with “etc”), and 1 other thing that’s currently entertaining… then + 3/4 negative against 1/4 positive, can’t possibly = happy as a whole with the game…:man_shrugging: Maybe it’s me? Someone has def been slipping me crazy pills lately…

Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion. I just don’t see how ANY dev praise, no matter how small, is warranted on the forums these days.

Hi Fox,

I run a small software co so am familiar with some of the things S7 are going through.

They are clearly making mistakes and feeling the brunt of it.

I could provide a long list of things I’m enjoying about the game but that would be a bit weird … and no doubt I’ll be griping on another thread before long. Just making the point that despite the mistakes am still enjoying WB … that’s all :grinning:


Wow that is so altrustic from you Fox. Us little people could not be more enough thankfull for you having spent already that money to max out everything and support a game that so little people seems to still find interesting. Oh btw if WB frustrate you, you might want to get “angry” against the people starving in the street in your neightborhood. That might make you day and your karma better than spitting negatively all day on some game developpers on a forum.

Hi all will be great to have this as a positive thread :wink:

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There really isn’t much to be positive about. Just about every change made to the game has been for the worse. They haven’t changed the core mechanics of the game which were good, that’s the best I can say. Every other major change has made the game worse.

  1. Economy trashed
  2. 2v2 trashed
  3. Dust
  4. Progression trashed
  5. Saying they will get rid of ELO and really keeping it
  6. Purchases being made worthless
  7. Stealing the cards we earned with the excuse of you don’t need as many but putting in the need for dust which means the need for cards too
  8. Removing rankings that matter
  9. Removing the frames which means no telling much about the characters.
  10. Removing coin from chests, events, and other awards
  11. Chests having a single card
  12. The drop rate of epic and legendary cards being impossible
  13. Gauntlet paying nothing (now emojis if lucky)
  14. No 2 player campaign
  15. No 2v2 with random players, only alliance and maybe personal chat

I’m sure there is lots of stuff I’m forgetting. All of these issues need to be addressed and all are ignored and all are killing the game. So no I won’t praise the devs because the core structure of the game is enjoyable and hasn’t been changed yet. And I won’t post only positive things to have a rose colored view of the game.


There is nothing more to add. You described the situation in full. The only thing that keeps many of us in-game is the personal interaction within and out alliance. New players are given 0 (zero, null, nada) chances of proper evolving even one faction. And to progress in the game you need all 3 factions apparently. The arenas are full of bots , which makes fights boring. No matter what they say - boosted players to meet the requirements of the arena selected - they are bots from non existing alliances. They repeat the same old events , same old seasons. Absolute mockery of us - people spending time on the game. Yet still - there are enough funny and pleasant people around, that keep me in. And I am sure not only I stay because of this!


@S7campusLifer I’m feeling very personally attacked by Picci Kibo.


Yea he has provided us with yet another example of how trashy he is, please ban Picci Kibbo for his rude and targeted attacks on players of this game for simply sharing their opinions, how the fuck can you ban other people and not do the same to someone who is actively toxic in your forums @S7campusLifer


Without doing a bit of research name 3 starving people in your neighborhood right now. In fact give us the full names and country of 3 starving people anywhere in the world. You can’t. Shut up with your “ohhh go focus on a real problem” nonsensical gatekeeping bull crap and go have yourself and ultra pleasant day.


Hi Lyth,

Agree with every point on your list, could have added a host of gripes I have as an alliance leader.

Still enjoying the game … not sure what that makes me.

Also, still trying to have a positive thread as we have plenty of good threads with strongly worded suggestions for the S7 team.

On a separate note, we are at risk of talking this game down and putting off new players, which will simply exacerbate the problem of playing against more bots … since as you mention that’s becoming more pervasive, even within events now.


Then Pg better either make changes to above mentioned by Lyth or make an announcement promising that they will, or else we are only going to say things as is on the forum. Players are leaving this game not because what are on the forum, they are leaving because the game sucks. The forum is more of a way for players to tell PG what they are thinking.

@S7campusLifer - PicciKibo has turned a constructive forum post into another trash dump by personally attacking @𝔽𝕠𝕩, who was having a real debate relative to the post thread. @Chucklesb011 has brought in some very valid points as well.

I have been gone from the game for some time now, have logged on twice (this being the third) in the past 6 months or so and see the game has gone through some major changes. Good or bad, not my concern as I do not intend to be an active member of this community anymore primarily because it’s not protected with the care it should be given.

I will however still chime in when i feel it is necessary to support a major point, and there are a couple in this thread:

  1. the aforementioned unwarranted personal attack on not only a long time player, but supporter of the game

  2. @Lyth mentioned how a hearty amount of the core good/consistent players have left.

I believe that both of these concerns go hand-in-hand and should be addressed appropriately, but they will likely be swept aside as it appears that is how things operate here. Again, this is why I have not continued to support your game. Great job “going through the motions” though. Kudos on that

To everyone else that knows me and is still here, good luck, hugs and hope things turn out well for you in the end. Laters :bear::fox_face: