People are dodging games on the load screen


And they are not getting a loss as the game says they are. It’s being abused like crazy.

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Agreed. If people quit then they should get the loss and we should get the medals. I won’t call out the top alliance who has quit games against us all day today. Literally seven games when we were matched against them, nearly in a row, they quit every time on the load screen. That is beyond frustrating when they are a) ranked above us and b) we wait sometimes literally five-seven minutes to get connected because it isn’t fair to connect us to others so we have to wait for the “right” match up.

…you know who you are.

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Hi @Tiffany @CrispyLardon. We agree this is a problem and it’s on our backlog of stuff to fix.

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This should be a top priority for a pvp game in my opinion

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Hi @CrispyLardon. For sure we would like to fix every single problem in the game, but honestly our list of things we want to do is in the thousands. I would love to snap my fingers and fix all of these problems at once – but that’s not realistic. We have to prioritize our work somehow! The prioritization I believe is right is “what percentage of players are affected by problem X, and how much does it the problem effect them?” I definitely agree people dodging games is really bad when it happens — so far I’ve heard the two people in this thread say it effects them a lot. How does this project compare to things like this issue discussed in the thread Game Freezes Regularly ? The same set of engineers would address either problem — which one should be tackled first? I don’t actually know the answer, but generally we prioritize this list based on “how many people are saying this thing is a problem and how much would fixing that problem improve their experience”.


So because your forum is barely used that means it’s only two of us that are having an issue with this? You can’t look at your back end data and see how many games are being dodged instead of only looking at the forums? All I’m saying is this is a pvp game, so the integrity of the ladder should be more important than a back burner issue.

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