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I am sure this thread has been created in the past, but it can’t be emphasized enough that allowing users to login to the forums via PC is absolutely critical. I am sure there are internals that make this not as simple as it would seem, but even so, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to allow users to login via Facebook and the corresponding account. Both the quantity and quality of threads — tutorials and guides, in particular — will skyrocket, not to mention more detailed feedback and suggestions.

Please, make this happen ASAP. The number of detailed threads I want to create has now reached double-digits, but I refuse to create them via mobile. I could write them on the PC via HTML and then copy the markup text to a cloud file and proceed to copy/paste the thread that way, but that’s ridiculous. Modifying the thread would then also be an absolute pain.

TL;DR: There is no excuse for limiting forum logins to mobile devices at this stage in development. Your players want to be able to communicate and express more complex ideas and discussions, but that just won’t become a reality until players can login to the forums via PC.

If this essential update is already underway, please, respond with a progress update. I understand that there is much being done behind the scenes, but please, don’t keep pushing this off.

Oh, and if there is by any chance a reason why you are deliberately choosing to keep forum logins mobile-exclusive, I would very much like to know what that reason is.

An admittedly-aggravated player, Quack.


Maybe this makes it easier to ignore it then :smile:

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Yeah, this forum really needs the ability to be accessed through PC. Every mobile game forum has PC access nowadays, instead of being locked onto mobile only. This is one of the basic pillars that show potential development and success in a game in general that’ll keep players interested in continuing to play this game. And to be honest, I rather have the ability to access the WB forums through PC rather than browsing on mobile and killing my battery at the same time.

Hey Folks,

It’s definitely not our intention to make the forums inaccessible by PC. It’s actually a restraint in our game identifier system when we flipped the switch to make the forums accessible in game.

We have fixes to the system planned and not scheduled. I’m poking the guy who built it to see if we can get a workaround for you guys.

Thank you for your suggestions!

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Hey Folks!

The developer responsible for our forums worked some magic. (If only all our bugs could be fixed so quickly!)
You can now login to your forum account on desktop browsers using your support ID to connect to your in-game account.

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE your support ID with anyone as it allows access to your forum account. Do not post any screenshots posting your support ID OR the browser link.

It’s currently a bit ugly since they implemented this quickly.
We’re working on a more secure way, however there’s no timeline we can commit to currently.


Enjoy browsing at work!


Here’s what worked for me:

  • Go to your good ol’ computer that sits on a desk.
  • Go to https://forums.wildbeyondgame.com
  • Hit the “Login” button
  • Enter your supportID (found in the settings section of your game.)

Hi @Quack!

Our engineering team hustled to build this feature for you same day after this post to fulfill your feature request.

Looking forward to seeing some of these long posts :metal:

I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but the login functionality on PC seems to be down.

It’s been unavailable for me for about a week; I tried to login there once a couple of weeks back and it prompted me for my support ID, but I was trying to post about being unable to open the app. When I can back to try again a week or 10 days ago, it didn’t prompt me any longer for the support ID and just told me to go login through the app. It’s like maybe the change wasn’t checked into the deployment branch.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ve poked the server guy responsible for this feature to see what’s up.

Looks like our last server update forgot to include this fix. This has now been fixed!
Enjoy your forum browsing!

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