Packs that I didn’t get!

Hello developers,
I don’t want to make a scene here, but I spent money on packs which I didn’t get and it’s been 3 days now with no help whatsoever, I have my receipts and I provided them but all I get is we are still working on it, and I really am sick of waiting, today is kind of my last day to play wild beyond and I won’t be available untill after June and by that time the season would have ended and it’ll be a waste because I paid to get couple things from this season, I won’t be available due to my exams which as I said will end till after June, and I’ve been waiting 3 days for the packs and nothing happened, so could you please help here
All love and support!!!

@Neko2 Checked up on this and the issue is under investigation right now. We’re working with Apple to try to verify the purchases as there’s some inconsistencies with the transactions.

But like I won’t be online for the next month, and today is my last day so come on! It’s been like this for 3 days now, why is it taking forever and why does this only happen to me and not othersssss

@Neko2 Frankly, I’m not comfortable (nor do I think it appropriate) sharing the specific details of your transactions to in a public space such as this. I’m sorry for the time it’s taking to resolve this, but we’re working the appropriate steps to verify the purchase receipts. It’s admittedly taking longer than expected, and I apologize for this.

I know but it’s taking forever and the transactions I made are pretty big so that’s why I was worried I won’t get any of the stuff I bought
Please try and hurry them up

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