Option to skip/replace quest?

Other posts complaining about the “collect x amount of gold” quest criteria being to cumbersome with the way mines also had too many other issues under discussion, so wanted to toss this out here.

Seems to me a very easy way to address quests that are seemingly unattainable is allow folks to have a quest reset button. Other games do this, sometimes asking you to watch an ad or limiting frequency.

So my suggestion is a reset quest button that allows you to abandon your current quest, limited to one reset per day. That might save a lot of grief over quests that cost too much of a particular resource that a particular player doesn’t want to spend right then, or get past quests that the player doesn’t want to grind through. Sure you might get an even more impossible/undesirable quest as your replacement, but you can always reset it tomorrow.

I think this way users can exercise a little control over what quests they can/want to complete, while not really offering an advantage of too much cherry picking of quests that can be abused.

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It’s a patchwork solution. It doesn’t fix the problem that the quest exists and take to long or that we repeatedly run the quests as a source of silver which we are in dire need for

Fair. But it is likely a simple quality of life addition until those issues can be addressed . Also, perhaps the longer or more costly to complete quests could have bigger rewards so folks could further choose whether it is worth doing the quest as is or not.

Was just trying to offer an idea that could be quickly placed on top of what exists rather than waiting for the dev team to prioritize gutting the whole system.


Good suggestion. You’re right, a lot of games have a “Skip” button for randomly generated quests, and it appears to work pretty well for them. Thanks!

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