Option to disable Commander banner

I’d love to see an option to turn off the big Commander banner than covers the top corner of the screen every time a commander enters play. I get that it’s heralding something significant but it obscures gameplay and i have literally lost matches because i had to drop an AoE blind and missed my primary target. Maybe come up with something like flashing the screen tint color red for a pulse or two or make some warning lights or a klaxon go off around the base deploying the boss. This would still signal the arrival without interfering with game play.


Hi @Klokwerk! Thanks for the suggestion. It definitely sounds like a good idea. You might not be aware, but if you play on an older device (eg ipad 2) the commander swipe banner is significantly different (but for frames per second performance reasons.) we could try re using that treatment…

I like this suggestion as well.

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