Opponents found, then Searches again

Having issues looking for opponents in a 2v2 battle, then it drops and searches again. It’s frustrating since it already takes a long time to find opponents, and then there’s a hope of a battle starting. Then it starts all over at the beginning of the queue.

This, and with the connection issues is very frustrating for players.

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Hi @Knightowl! For sure this is a problem. We haven’t got to the bottom of it yet, but we haven’t forgotten about it and it’s on our list of things to fix.

We’re currently trying to collect more information to investigate this kick back into the queue after an opponent is found. If anyone has information on the following, it would be of great help:

Connection Type

  • Does the problem happen only with cellular networking or does it also happen with Wi-Fi?


  • i.e. Which cellular provider are you subscribed to?


  • Is this happening at only certain locations or connected to a specific Wi-fi or is it happening everywhere? i.e. at home, the office, etc.

It’s always on WiFi. And it’s a stable network. All my other devices stay connected

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Hey Team, Any update on this? Still finding this is happening.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Knightowl

After a little research, we do have an update. There are specifically a handful of players with very bad internet connections. When these players use the game, they cause other people to see this problem. We’re figuring out what is the appropriate way to handle these players clogging up the game for everyone else.

What are the chances for full serverside pvp in the future?

@CrispyLardon we are gradually migrating parts of our networking architecture every release.

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Glad to hear you guys are working on a fix. Keep us updated please.

Hey Team, any further updates on this? I know fixes like this take a while.

Hi @Knightowl. Unfortunately the timeline is “at least a month away.” When I spoke to the engineer in charge of network connectivity last Friday, he had built out a plan and had signoff on it from the broader group. He hadn’t yet started coding it and has a bunch of prerequisite projects to complete first.

As I mentioned above, we’re slowly migrating our networking architecture towards being “more serverside.” Before we can start implementing the code to “quarantine the networking lepers”, we first need to have more of the networking code running serverside so we can reliably discern what is happening in the networking state.

I also wish this all could move faster, but unfortunately every networking architecture change is sorta “brain surgery” on our codebase which needs to be done carefully code reviewed, repeatedly QAed, and rolled out live piecemeal and tested incrementally before moving onto the next piece.

I appreciate the response and update. Keep them coming and thanks for looking into this.

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