Ok, Surely We Aren't the Only Ones

Look, I seriously need a straight answer of some kind. I’ve seen it asked SEVERAL times, it gets danced around and not directly addressed every time.

What are you going to do about your players and all the time, effort, and resources (both in game and monetary) we’ve lost… because if a flawed system we can’t control and IS NOT what you advertise this game to be? Not to mention the sheer hair pulling frustration.

If the answer is nothing, say it. If it’s something besides lip service… NOW is the time. I am not sure who is in charge of marketing up there but… Geesh I hope they either continue to feed off of you guys, or never work again.

All we ask is fairness… Post after post, player after player. Just do what’s right. Geesh, how much money do you need? I wonder if it’s in silver.

I have made an effort to make a difference in my attitude about it all both here and in game…

here by posting more, trying to read the other’s posts, passing info to my alliance, even encouraged them to upgrade to elite.

Kind of a last ditch effort before I really decide if I can continue this garbage.

I’m SURE I’M THE ONLY ONE, and just imaging things… Buuuuuut… Tonight, it occurred to me after we lost our 5th game in a row, that…

Seems like… right around the ending of an event, like the last 2 times, and then this time too, a member of my alliance and I will be matching up and playing. Having the best time. Win some, lose some… And then on these days, around these times… We get our bottoms STOMPED over and over and ove and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and ove and over and over and over and over and over an…

Get my point? And we’re using the same deck we’ve used before we teamed up… I know I played for hours one day… Just honing the decks and testing combos… I played several teams, won several and took a break.

Came back 2 hours later and then lost 3 lvls with it. There’s no way Im that stupid. If you’re willing to throw players away over this junk… Peace bro. But I just can’t do it anymore with no effort on your part to make right for this mess. We deserve better.

I gave up Super Mario Bros 3 to play this. :tired_face:

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I don’t see how it’s the games devs fault that you’re losing. Obviously if you start losing often at certain times/periods, then that’s when better players are usually playing.

This game is very fluid and changing, just because something works for a bit doesn’t mean it’s going to continue to work.
The best players are constantly switching up, editing their decks for this very reason.
Also there’s building a deck to beat certain opponents etc that won’t work against someone else.

I’m not sure if you’re referencing match making in this post or not but was the latest event not better for you? Serious question because I thought the match making was much more fair and I ended up getting 15th without spending any gems and missing a couple battle from over sleeping (lol) there were some mismatches but overall was better and they are still working on it. If it is frustrating you though, you should try South Park phone destroyer, I play both games and that game is like this game but in a later stage, this game is still fairly new, I think only four months?

Trey I just started playing phone destroyer last night. You’re right! It’s awesome!!

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Glad you like it! I’ve been playing for three months now and still play daily

@FreeSpankings I think you’re referring to Event battles specifically, but let me know if I’m mistaken.

It would be great if I could snap my fingers and every bad experience in battles could disappear, but I don’t think anyone has those powers right now. Last update’s matchmaking system changes should be a sign that we’re making efforts towards the feedback we’ve been receiving, but the larger the scope of work, the more time it’s going to take.

Losing matches in a competitive PvP game is not uncommon, nor are win and loss streaks. Over time, however, once you’ve reached the peak skill level that your deck power allows, you should be winning as many games as you’re losing (i.e. a 1W:1L ratio). Statistically this takes a lot of matches to happen (a large enough sample size). During that large sample of matches, there will be swings of loss and win streaks, but they’ll even out in the end. Our brains tend to remember bad experiences and trauma more easily than good ones though, so it makes sense for the bad ones to stick out more. Event leaderboards are getting some changes very soon, so look out for those details.

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Some of those base rushes are so fast they can be traumatic lol

As are my losses in our daily battle playtests. :val_drink:

Imagine using and/or losing to units that are definitely not ready for primetime yet. However, in playtests, I switch up my deck comp after almost every battle to figure out how to beat the opponent’s strategy. This applies to the live game as much as it does in playtests! There are reliable anti-rush strategies out there if you’re up for some experimentation.

Yeah, I found a few that work with all of the new units as well as making very good rushing teams too. I’m excited to see what’s coming in the next few seasons

Sorry for the delayed response.

It’s funny how the lean in this thread went toward my ignorance of how pvp games work… Or that I must be traumatize from base rushes. Oh, and Life’s quest… Er… Statement? I dunno, I started out by saying you didn’t see it so I don’t know if that was a status update. My ex wife had a step brother who was mentally handicapped and he would just yell out “I like hugs!” at random times. Maybe it’s like that.

On to the other stuff, so… To the only guys on this game who seem to think it’s perfectly normal for someone to suddenly go from one extreme (buddy and I emjoying some games, win some lose some… But challenging… And enjoyable… To losing every game after ( I think it was 5 or 6.

BUT… Lol, bless your hearts (collectively) if you honestly think any player at this level paired with another, while making little tweaks between matches, and right back in…

Could lose 5 in a row… Fast and in a hurry… And call that normal. Because, if those are the standards you guys are setting the game to now then most of the players, except the 4 Alliances you actually listen to, are doomed.

Oh, some of the… I spank regularly… So, I’m not an ignorant punk who’s throwing a fit. I’m a guy who has read and re-read your tips and posts and then done my own research on my decks.

I prefer to be someone who doesn’t sit here and tell you everything I’ve done to try to prepare, so I DON’T look ridiculous when I come speak about . Because that is not even a drop in a hat to what some have done.

Bottom line is everyone here knows exactly what I’m talking about. Except for Life, apparently.

Oh, and since sarcasm is like a second language to me, I picked up on the snooty “wish I could take all the bad experiences away” statement coupled with an explanation of how these games work. Please man… Lol. You don’t have to be fantastic at the art of "murdering fools? to know how a fool might have gotten murdered.

Good thing I kind of expected this sort of reply. If you think everything is on the up and up, then rock on. Be sure to tell everyone else who’s had this problem and posted here that they’re just having a losing streak too.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

And no, they werent event battles.

Hi @FreeSpankings.

It sounds like you’re distressed and unhappy with how our matchmaking works. I want to help, but it’s a very complicated topic and I don’t yet understand the specifics of what you’re talking about. There’s a long discussion on the topic here, which you might want to read: Something is seriously wrong with matchmaking

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I keep getting referred to that article but it doesn’t explain how the match ups keep happening against players that are actual top 20 players EVERY SINGLE season.

Look, I can accept it if I just suck. I’m not good at a lot of things. You guys up there NEED to start with that one simple fact, bc from what I see, everyone is saying that.

However, if that’s the case then why do keep winning the matches I do? So, that logic is flawed.

What about… Maybe I’m having a bad day… Except that bad days don’t start off win some (gain a little bitty teeny slice of medals, lose ONE…and get HAMMERED… Like, lose doesnt even show up in the same dictionary as what I get… And literally (and I mean the actually definition of the word), LITERALLY watch the last 3 hours go down the toilet with the medals they get off mine.

And… No, I’m not all “whoah is me…”. See, ya boy, the sarcastic one who thinks he’s funny, and two other goons tried to corner me last night on this, like it’s all about me. But see, you guys would be luck as heck of it was just me. But it’s OBVIOUSLY not just me… Do you guys read your own forums? Because, between every other person telling you the same thing I am, your adult player trolling handicapped kids in your main chat while everyone, including comedy boy, is at home asleep… You all have issues.

Instead of trying to play it off like we’re just making up stuff, how about you all kick back this weekend and talk about the fact that WE started out, and really WANT to be on your side.

I’m not sure what the Not a Bot dudes issue is with me, maybe it’s just that Im getting on everyone’s nerves but being more vocal about when I can clearly tell the minute something changes with your game. No, not an expert, no, not perfect… But maybe I just spent most of my life needing proof for people who were ignorant themselves or just found it easier to blame everything else. And now, I just look for anything that is off and file it for later and half the time I dont even know I’m doing it.

But when you can look back through a mods posts and realize almost every time, he/she (I don’t know, sorry, it doesn’t matter really) replies with really solid… BS. Like, it’s good stuff, but I’ve been in radio 30 years… Please, save that. But the questions never really get answered. You know how many times you guys had been asked about the medal nonsense?

Me either, but I stopped counting after 5. It’s also not my job to know… Or answer that question. So, when the customer relations agents are working on their comedy routines or preparing for a life in politics by shmoozing us all and not giving us a real answer… We notice.

And look, I don’t have to lie to anyone, it’s easy enough to track down my words and actions. I’m just really letting you all know that as much as you hear from me… There are many many more people that you have lost and will lose, who’s relationships you can’t replace. I’m a nobody in the big picture… Just a small nobody who once spent money o. A game he really loved and just wanted to continue that.

Should I feel bad for WANTING TO PLAY and just wants to not be matched up with people not even in my league.

By the way, believe this or don’t, I don’t really care anymore, but in the event tonight… (That I have finished 101 in, in the last two and am currently 101st in this one… But my previous win history would argue that I definitely am that bad)… Psshhht

Tonight, I was doing ok, and I got my first connection issue notice… Right as we both dropped a game deciding group of troops. A “murder” of troops, is the technical term.:sunglasses:

And I thought "oh boy, here we go. Now, as horrible as it seems that I sounded pesimistic, imagine how it feel to believe that a game’ developers might have that rigged.

I didn’t say that it is. I’m saying that, I could def see how that would be a thing. Man, do you know that I got beat the next 2​:call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand: in exactly the same way. The message comes on, I dont know…Right when the barricade goes down. 3 - 5 secs… And my connection comes back right when it blows up. Tough.

I figure… Drop comes up a few days, you’ll annoy me for more Elite money the day before my drop comes. My gold drop, by the way, because I’ve played up Nash up to almost diamond, about 4 times in the last 2 months and… Apparently I just suck so badly that I’m doomed.

I’ll know if I am staying before then,

Doooooomed I tell you! :scream: lol

Honestly, I’m having a bit of trouble following what you’re saying here, but going back to your original feedback about matchmaking, I’d like to point out that Version 2.13 was released today which has major focuses on event matchmaking in particular. Part of the changes are that Leaderboards are formed according to Event Collection power (based mostly on card levels). As a result, what you should be seeing in tomorrow’s event are matchups that should be much closer in terms of skill and levels. I’d strongly encourage playing in the event to gain some experience on the new system, and let us know how it feels. I think it will be a big improvement from what you were experiencing before.

Man that is a lot of text… dude you might be right in what you’re saying but the way you’re saying it makes you look like pretty ridiculous, nobody is reading through all that drama.
As for the new patch fixing the matchmaking though - I’ve just had a silver 5 vs gold 4 fight with the units also being different by multiple levels, so yeah.
Keep on trying, I guess.

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Yeah, I have a level twelve commander and constantly STILL get put against people with all level 14-15 troops and get half their rewards? Guess you’re telling your player base to go somewhere else.

There were no changes to general matchmaking in update v2.13, so the matchups aren’t generally going to look very different from a few days ago. This doesn’t mean we’re done with matchmaking tuning by any means. I’m just making sure that there aren’t any misplaced expectations for what v2.13’s goals were.

Is this matchup you’re referencing in events or 1v1?

If it’s in events, your current Event Collection power is 19,800 and grants a 2.5x multiplier. A hypothetical player who has exactly the same units you do, but all at level 14 for every faction would have a multiplier of 3.8x, which would be about 50% more rewards than you. In order to actually double your rewards with a 5x multiplier, the player would need a Event collection power of 34,000. With the 19 units you own in your collection, that would mean this hypothetical player would have units of average level 17.89 (which isn’t possible). Additionally, you’re in an event leaderboard with 100 players, which is half as many players as you’ve had to compete with in the past, which should mean that it will be easier for you to reach the top of this board.

By far, the best way to raise your Event Collection level is to collect more units. e.g. upgrading a unit by one level is only 100 Event Unit Power, but if you unlock a unit that you don’t actually own, that’s going to be a much larger boost to bring you into a higher prize multiplier, but potentially a higher leaderboard where the base reward amount is also higher.

What game do you recall that needs trigonometry in order to explain how the matches work? Are you saying that I’m imagining matching with people with clearly higher deck power levels than I do? The numbers are literally right there. Yeah, you took off the banners so it’s harder to tell but it’s pretty obvious when the commander is level 15. Mine is 12 by the way for those who can’t check my stats. I’ve noticed repeatedly that after three wins in a row I’ll be matched with someone completely out of my league, this game makes sure that a streak will end no matter how well you play. That isn’t right. I went on a 21 match win streak in MK 11 in ranked play and they don’t just make sure you get matched with the world champ after too many wins, but you also don’t have to pay more so I guess that’s the big difference. I always buy elite but you guys do realize that it’s the same as the monthly price in runescapes original asking price for membership right?

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When they try to tell you that you’re delusional lol

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Hi trey

Can you please be more explicit in what I’m supposed to infer from the image ? I’m not sure how to respond.