Often can't cancel a 1vs1 game search


Hello S7 team,

I often can’t cancel a 1vs1 game search.
Sometimes I will click the “battle” button in the multiplayer menu by accident or sometimes, while waiting for an opponent I can’t or don’t want to wait any longer and I click the “cancel” button.
It says “canceling”, but shortly after that, it shows “opponent found” and the match starts.

Please fix this issue

Thx and Bye ZeltaZum

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I’ve put in a note to have the team review this. What I believe is going on is that the match had already been made by the time you tapped on cancel, and it’s going through with the match in order to prevent you from receiving a loss for abandoning the match. That being said, whatever’s being shown on screen should be more clear that that is what’s happening.

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